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Fake Fruit For Decorative Fruit Bowls and Displays

Updated on August 30, 2011

Fake Fruit For Displays

Here's a comprehensive selection of realistic fake fruit to choose from. Ideal for displaying a perfect fruit bowl all year round, or using in arts and crafts, these pieces of fake fruit are sure to give you a great overall look that's realistic and reusable, but never going to go off.

You can choose from individual fruits to create displays or you can opt for a set. Using fake fruit is a great way to update existing décor and inject a little color into a room. Fake fruit is also great for using in floral displays.

Whatever ways you are going to utilize your fake fruit, there's an excellent selection to choose from below. Scroll down for the selection of fake fruit sets.

Fake Fruit

A full fruit bowl is always a welcoming sight in any home, but it can be expensive and wasteful if the fruit doesn't get eaten. Having a fruit bowl full of fake fruit will give you the visual effect, but without the constant expense or waste.

Once you have purchased your fake fruit there's no further costs involved, if looked after, these pieces should last for years. So you'll always have a stunning fruit bowl to display without it costing anything but the initial cost of the fake fruit.

A fruit bowl can be used as a display item for the kitchen, or can be used as a centerpiece on a dining table.

It's a lovely, homely look that is vibrant and welcoming. Creating a fake fruit bowl makes a lovey housewarming gift.

For a wow factor fruit bowl, choose a selection of fruits. Depending on the kind of fruit bowl you use, you may be able to raise the bottom up higher with some foam, scrunched up paper or material.

This means that the fruit at the bottom of the bowl won't be hidden. If you're using a glass or wire fruit bowl, you'll either not bother doing this or do it in a decorative way.

Place the larger fruits into the bowl first and then add the smaller ones on top, drape some grapes over the edge of the bowl for a decorative touch. You should have an amazing fruit bowl that looks delicious!

There's lots of ways that you can display fake fruit, it's doesn't have to be limited to a fruit bowl. You can really get creative and make something special using fake fruit.

A contemporary way to display it would be to fill a glass vase with fake fruit, but you could of course use baskets or create a still life display.

Mixing fake fruit in with a floral display can look really effective if the colors compliment each other. You can create seasonal displays or a display using just one kind of fake fruit. It's entirely down to how creative you want to get.

These are excellent examples of how realistic fake fruit can be. If you want to brighten your home, or tie your décor into the seasons, this is a great way of doing so.

Enticing food on display always makes a home feel happy.

Fake Fruit Sets

Please note that none of the sets listed to the right or below comes with the basket.

These sets are great if you want to display just one kind of fruit or if you need to buy in bulk for a large display, a selection of displays or gift making.

You can make beautiful wreaths and garlands with fake fruit. Also, you could make a stunning centerpiece for a table, there's lots of options when decorating with fake fruit.


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