Awesome Cajun Chili Recipe

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    JackofallTrades02posted 5 years ago

    Here, speaking to you is an extremely picky eater!  I don't like "weird" food, bland food, or mixing strange things together, so when I give you a recipe, it's what I like to call "picky-eater fool proof!"  This chili recipe is one that I've modified after trying many different chili recipes.  It's full of flavor and spice!

    What you'll need: 
    1 non-stick cooking pot (preferred)
    1 pk of HOT McCormick chili mix
    2 lbs of ground meat
    2 cans of tomato sauce
    1 can of SPICEY/HOT (Rotel) diced tomatoes with habaneros.
    Tony Chachere's seasoning blend
    Crackers/shredded cheese/sour cream

    Cooking Instructions:
    I.  Turn stove top on high while browning the ground meat in the pot.  (*tip*. I like to brown smaller sections of the meat instead of all together at once just to make sure that I brown every bit of it.)

    2.  After browning the meat for about 15 mins, mix in tomato sauce cans, chili mix, and diced tomatoes with habaneros. 

    3.  Stir in well for a few minutes and season generously with the seasoning blend. 

    4.  Turn stove onto low heat, and cover pot.

    5.  Leave on the stove top on low heat, covered for about 30 minutes - but stir pot for about a minute every 10 minutes while it cooks. 

    Finally, after those mouth-watering 30 minutes have passed, your chili is complete- almost!  Once you've fixed a your serving size in a bowl, add in shredded cheddar cheese.  I personally like to use the crackers to scoop up the chili as I eat it.  And for my very own secret recipe tip, add a small spoonful of sour cream and mix in well.  It won't add a significant difference to those who are skeptical to this idea- but it adds a great little tang to it that sour cream lovers can appreciate.  Bon appetite!

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    tussinposted 5 years ago

    Is this made with real Cajuns?