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    desertman70posted 5 years ago

    Waffle House 901: Has the best staff that I have ever seen, they joke around, make you laugh, and serve up that good ole southern hospitality. If. You come here to eat you can expect one heck of a comity show. The funniest crew is got to be the third shift. Not only that but the menu is short and sweet. You can expect fresh food served up fast and made to order. I would have to say that compared to the Waffle houses that I have been in, this one has got to be the best. Clean, and I mean the cook line, the dinning room, the restrooms, and even the parking lot. The night crew work really well together, and the jukebox adds a little spunk to the place. It's a place you can go and just down rite feel at home. Not to mention the prices are pretty reasonable to.