how can you incorporate lemons into your diet?

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    karababi15posted 8 years ago

    how can you incorporate lemons into your diet?

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    bianca*posted 8 years ago

    If with the word diet, you mean menu options then there are plenty of things you could the obvious lemon meringue, lemon chicken. If you're cooking fish, pop on a saucepan with white wine, cook it for a little while to cook off the alochol and potency and then add a big slab of butter, squeeze in plenty of lemon to taste and you have a beautiful white wine lemon butter sauce that probably isn't so great with your health but on the odd occasion is a delicious add to your dinner options smile also if you're looking for something healthy each morning when you wake up pour yourself a glass of warm water, add lemon and drink it about 20 minutes before you eat breakfast, this will kick start your metabolism and be healthier for you in the long run! Hope some of those tips can help with what you're after!

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    SpaceAgeposted 8 years ago

    lemons can b subtly put w/ teas & such................