What is the best way to do a chicken roast? EASY way too :)

  1. sammyfiction profile image61
    sammyfictionposted 7 years ago

    What is the best way to do a chicken roast? EASY way too smile

  2. Nick B profile image81
    Nick Bposted 7 years ago

    Okay, take your chicken, rinse it out and remove the giblets if they are there.

    Place in a roasting tray, preferably one with either a mesh or a slotted stand.

    Rub salt and pepper into the skin and place in an oven at 180 or 350 for 25 minutes per pound plus 25 minutes. This means a 3 pound chicken will go in for 100 minutes.

    Take out after the time's up and leave to rest for a few minutes then carve.

    Remember also to adjust the temperature if you have a fan assisted oven, which is usually reducing to about 160 or 320, but check anyway.

    Of course, while you were letting that roast, you will have prepared the veg or whatever you're having with your chicken, but this is the easiest way I know.

    You could also try herbal rubs for the skin like thyme, basil or oregano/marjoram, but whatever you fancy.

  3. Cara Stein profile image58
    Cara Steinposted 7 years ago

    Don't know if you're still looking for an answer to this, but I just made a hub about my favorite way to roast a chicken. It's super easy. It's here if you're interested: