Thanx for your review, I have a juicer, but would also like a powerful blender,

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    powdergatorposted 7 years ago

    Thanx for your review, I have a juicer, but would also like a powerful blender, the blenders...

    i've owned so far just aren't powerful enough. I dont mind spending money on an excellent product if it does the with that...should i get this Halthmaster, or do you recommend another blender that is just as good?...and also,  as far as the"upgraded" culinary blender actually better than their standard?

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    Susan Carterposted 7 years ago

    I do not recommend the Health Master.  I was very upset when I got mine and realized it was falsely advertised as a "juicer".  Once I put up my HubPage article people began to comment about all the issues they were having with the product.  Many of the comments were about the same problem - leaking oil from the bottom of the unit and broken seals that required them to buy a new pitcher after just a couple months of usage.  The company also charges extreme postage fees to mail the blender as well as the pitcher (IF you can get them to replace the faulty one).  When I returned mine it only cost me $16 at UPS and they are charging almost $50.  By the way, I bought the upgraded Health Master so I got the premium product and I was still very unhappy with it. 

    I do recommend the Breville 800 blender.  It is highly rated and there are very few reviews criticizing the product or the service.  I think it is worth the extra money because of the quality of the juicer.  You can check out my review at and you can also get some cleaning tips on taking care of your own blender.  Hope I answered your question.  Thanks for asking!