Why do men make better chefs than women?

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  1. tonymead60 profile image85
    tonymead60posted 12 years ago

    Why do men make better chefs than women?

    most of the top chefs are men wh y?

  2. prettydarkhorse profile image63
    prettydarkhorseposted 12 years ago

    Is this overall assessment? This is just my opinion, it is because choosing between a woman and a man, most restaurants or establishments still choose man to be their chef when both are applying for the job, for so many reasons that are not only unique to cooking. Their accomplishments are highlighted of course since they are not the "norm" - the one who will do the cooking.

  3. Daffy Duck profile image60
    Daffy Duckposted 12 years ago

    It's what they choose to do.  There is an Iron Chef woman--Kat Cora who has cooked for a President.  Guys are just in the public eye more in that industry.

  4. Cardisa profile image88
    Cardisaposted 12 years ago

    I don't agree that men make better chefs than women. What I do know is there there are more male chefs by ratio so it would appear that men are better because they are highlighted more because they are more in numbers.

  5. Slices of Life profile image67
    Slices of Lifeposted 12 years ago

    Though I have met some very nice female chefs in my life, the reason I think is slightly higher tolerances to cuts and burns, not afraid to get their hands dirty, and the aforementioned ratio of male chefs-to-female chefs.

  6. deblipp profile image62
    deblippposted 12 years ago

    Women have been locked out of many professions because of sexism for many hundreds of years. Women were, in the very recent past, barred from top culinary institutes.

    The correct answer to your question is "they don't." Just as men don't make better politicians, musicians, painters, business leaders, or pro athletes than women, women are capable of achieving excellence in any field in which institutional sexism doesn't bar them completely. And when women DO achieve, it is often in the face of greater obstacles than men face, *because* we overcome sexism while we're *also* doing the cooking or whatever.

  7. kestrana profile image72
    kestranaposted 12 years ago

    I don't think men are better chefs than women. However, since cooking has traditionally become a "woman's job", perhaps the men who choose to pursue it do so more competitively or feel they have more to prove. Also, fewer women may be interested in being professional chefs because they now feel empowered that they can seek careers outside the domestic world.

  8. Hunbbel Meer profile image74
    Hunbbel Meerposted 12 years ago

    1. Women are SUPPOSED to cooking, while when a man becomes a chef, its because he CHOOSES TO BE A CHEF. The difference lies here - Motivation.

    2. Men do not act as misers in terms of spices n all that stuff tongue lol j/k

  9. profile image57
    anglowriterposted 12 years ago

    You find mostly men working as chefs as it is a tiring profession, you're on your feet all day in a hot atmosphere and it is fast and stressful work in a kitchen.  Women are better as pastry chefs as they can work more delicately.

  10. Imogen French profile image85
    Imogen Frenchposted 12 years ago

    Simple - men usually get the best jobs, true in many professions.

    And, if men are the best chefs, why are they always happy to let women do all the cooking at home.

    Not that I'm bitter ... !

  11. Kyle Rivers profile image60
    Kyle Riversposted 12 years ago

    That's not true. Let me tell you something. I am an excellent cook, but nobody can cook some delicious cuisine like my Mother. This student can't compete against the teacher lol.

  12. Nspeel profile image61
    Nspeelposted 12 years ago

    Well now i am going to have to comment on this one because i am a very creative and good cook. So know both my my grand mothers are the best cooks i have ever met, not only do they slave for days in the kitchen to whip up the best Christmas, Easter, and Thanksgiving dinners, but they ask nothing not even a thank you in return. Although i always thank them for their hard work on making dinner, they just do such a funuminal job that i cannot even interfere with there master piece or they get angry. Thank you Nancy Stearns & Laura Speelman for all that good eating every year big_smile


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