Is white rice bad for cough?

  1. livingpah2004 profile image77
    livingpah2004posted 6 years ago

    Is white rice bad for cough?

    I heard that if you have asthma or chronic cough, you should not eat rice. Is it true?

  2. precy anza profile image84
    precy anzaposted 6 years ago

    This is the first time I heard of it. I eat rice about three times a day (it's our staple food) and I have asthma ever since I was a kid but I hadn't had any problem with it. Not with rice thou, but on what comes along with it or what I eat along with it. When I have asthma I eat rice with boiled eggs, noodles or whatever my body tend to want as I am sensitive on meat and other foods. But no, not with rice.

    But one thing also, since you mentioned asthma and chronic cough, cold drink is another thing my body doesn't want me taking when I have either chronic cough and specially asthma. It makes my asthma attack worst.