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What is the best meal you have ever had and why? Recipes welcome.

  1. maddot profile image81
    maddotposted 5 years ago

    What is the best meal you have ever had and why? Recipes welcome.

  2. iTop10 profile image70
    iTop10posted 5 years ago

    My favourite meal is Nasi Goreng (http://itop10.hubpages.com/hub/Top-10-q … asi-Goreng). It's quick, easy and very tasty. Add sambal oelek chilli paste and throw in some quorn chunks and it's even more fantastic.

  3. TheLifeExperiment profile image57
    TheLifeExperimentposted 5 years ago

    Oh man...I wish I knew the recipe. I was visiting family in Italy last summer, and my grandmother's cousin's husband, who doesn't speak a word of english, took me and my mom along with the rest of the fam to their mountain house and cooked us a 4 or 5 course meal in a 3 ft, by 3 ft. kitchen. We had cheese cubes with homemade jam as an appetizer, zucchini flowers stuffed with a cheesy garlicky gravy-type sauce, polenta with gravy and sausages (I'm a vegetarian but I ate them- the ethical care of animals for food is sooo much better there), mushrooms from the hillside sauteed in wine, and for dessert, a platter of homemade pastries and tortes. All of this was accompanied by 4 kinds of small town Italian wine and champagne. It was by far the greatest meal I've ever eaten smile

  4. Sharda Sriram profile image73
    Sharda Sriramposted 5 years ago

    Hare moong ki curry aur Methi muthiya. I heard about this dish in one of the television channel with different name and  i remember when i was staying in mumbai my gujarati neighbour introduced me to this dish after coming to singapore i just had a carve one day to prepare this in my method and in my family including my 3 yr old kid and my hubby's friends they just relish it. Simply lip smacking taste, for receipe you can check on my hub Simply foodie. More than that i was feeling happy as if i'm preparing best dish for my best ones i.e my son n hubby.