Are some teas better than others?

  1. Vinsanity100 profile image61
    Vinsanity100posted 5 years ago

    Are some teas better than others?

    I switched from coffee this last year because I just didn't like the effects of coffee.

  2. Athlyn Green profile image95
    Athlyn Greenposted 5 years ago

    White tea is supposed to be the offer the best quality. It is all from the same plant, either green, black or white but how the leaves are treated makes a difference as well as which parts are used.

  3. Dr Pooja profile image59
    Dr Poojaposted 5 years ago

    Green tea is considered better than other tea .Recent research shows black tea is also rich in anti-oxidants.The way tea is consumed also affects  its  properties.Tea leaves boiled directly rather  than used through dip pouches is considered healthier.