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Cranberry Sauce

  1. MomsTreasureChest profile image90
    MomsTreasureChestposted 5 years ago

    Cranberry Sauce

    How did you serve your cranberry sauce this year?  Was it straight from the can, did you doctor the canned sauce?  Did you cook a fresh berries recipe for your cranberry sauce?  Was it a hit or miss?

  2. rutley profile image74
    rutleyposted 5 years ago

    Fresh! Not a whole lot of takers....served canned also, that was eaten.  Canned is ok but why is it so purple?  Cranberries are the brightest of red!  Extra effort isn't always rewarded.  Hope you had a good one!

  3. StandingJaguar profile image79
    StandingJaguarposted 5 years ago

    Fresh and home-made! We prefer not to over-sweeten ours. Of course sweetening has to happen, but we leave it with a hint of bitterness and tart. I tried some the grocery store made (sample) and it was disgustingly sweet, like candy... gross! But hey, I won't deny I grew up on the canned stuff and always liked it.

  4. lupine profile image73
    lupineposted 5 years ago

    Used fresh made cranberry sauce for the bottom of a cheesecake, nearly finished. Had canned also, about half was eaten.

  5. profile image0
    paxwillposted 5 years ago

    I've always made it with fresh cranberries.  It's easier than opening a can.

  6. cloverleaffarm profile image65
    cloverleaffarmposted 5 years ago

    Mine was made from fresh cranberries, and it is always a big hit. I have a secret ingredient that makes it delicious...and no, I will never tell.

  7. KDeus profile image94
    KDeusposted 5 years ago

    For the last 5-6 years, I've made ours with fresh cranberries, a little orange juice, orange zest, some sugar, and some hot pepper flakes for a little zing! Even my 8 year old loved it!