Some drinking ideas with instructions for adults parties??

  1. Vernica Williams profile image58
    Vernica Williamsposted 3 years ago

    Some drinking ideas with instructions for adults parties??

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    AC-DCposted 3 years ago

    Drink responsively if you must drink. There are plenty of innocent people out there that are not drinking. I know at adult parties there must be a way to get from point A to point B. Always make sure and have a designated driver for each person who is partaking in the festivities. Those innocent people on the roads do not need to become another statistic from one person's poor decisions.

  3. fpherj48 profile image77
    fpherj48posted 3 years ago

    I'm not really sure what you're asking.  Since when do adults need "ideas" to drink?  I believe you should have elaborated on this question to make it a bit more precise.
    Are you referring to drinking "games?".....I hope not, since you did use the term "adults."  I know underage kids play games with alcohol, which is the same as playing games with their lives.
    If you refer to being a responsible host (always a good idea) I would simply suggest to my guests" Because I love you and am hosting this event, please understand that I've seen to it there are 2 designated drivers here to assure your safe trip home tonight."  Have fun.