rooibos tea

  1. mulder profile image74
    mulderposted 9 years ago

    Hi I just wonderting  who   on this hub drinks rooibos tea   its 50 times  stronger then green tea  has no caffine    and is very good for  you  .

  2. profile image42
    rose76posted 9 years ago

    Hi, I am this hub. I want the full recipe of this tea. This tea is preparing in restaurants or home. You told 50 times stronger than other green tea. This is tea or any other tea like leaves. Yah! I want to drink in future. Please send this.
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  3. Lidian profile image73
    Lidianposted 9 years ago

    Rooisbos tea is really good! Celestial Seasonings makes several kinds, my favorite is the Vanilla. It is called bush tea in Africa and is famous for being the favorite drink of Precious Ramotswe, the detective in the wonderful No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency series by Alexander McCall Smith...