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What tea do you like?

  1. beaddve1800 profile image82
    beaddve1800posted 5 years ago

    I am a fan of Green tea, but when I am sick, I will have peppermint tea.

    What is your favorite one?

    1. Janellegems profile image46
      Janellegemsposted 5 years ago in reply to this

      I like twinnings English breakfast, tetley British blend black tea and Uncle lee's green tea.

    2. vespawoolf profile image97
      vespawoolfposted 5 years ago in reply to this

      My favorites are peppermint, chai and earl gray. It's hot tea weather here in Peru!

    3. ITcoach profile image59
      ITcoachposted 5 years ago in reply to this

      There is no doubt to say Green tea as favourite but In summer the Ice tea is not a bad option. Perhaps it also depends on the mood and quality of tea.

  2. Cagsil profile image60
    Cagsilposted 5 years ago

    My preference is to drink Lipton Tea, the regular flavor. But, I only drink Tea on occasion.

  3. Uninvited Writer profile image81
    Uninvited Writerposted 5 years ago

    Earl Gray Tea is my favorite for a special treat but I usually drink Tetley black tea.

    1. profile image0
      Motown2Chitownposted 5 years ago in reply to this

      Susan, my mother absolutely loved Earl Grey tea.  smile

    2. lorlie6 profile image86
      lorlie6posted 5 years ago in reply to this

      UW-I agree that Earl Gray is an amazing tea, but I must add that Sleepy Time tea is my special treat-and it seems to do exactly what the name implies! smile
      This may seem old-fashioned, but I also love Constant Comment. smile

  4. profile image0
    Motown2Chitownposted 5 years ago

    I am personally a huge fan of Bigelow's Plantation Mint, followed by their Mint Medley.  I like green tea iced, but not hot.

    For relaxation, I like Bigelow's Sweet Dreams or Celestial Seasonings' Tension Tamer.


  5. AliciaC profile image96
    AliciaCposted 5 years ago

    I like green tea, Earl Grey tea and any form of chai tea.

  6. cloverleaffarm profile image74
    cloverleaffarmposted 5 years ago

    Being an herbalist, I'm a huge fan of herbal teas. One of my favorites is Rooibos, but I also like to mix up herbs and see what flavors I can come up with. I've made some of my best tasting teas doing that.

  7. Thelma Alberts profile image83
    Thelma Albertsposted 5 years ago

    I like PG black teas with sugar and a bit of milk. But I love other teas, too like green teas, pepermint teas, earl grey and other herbal teas for a change.

  8. grand old lady profile image89
    grand old ladyposted 5 years ago

    I discovered a fantastic tea here in the Philippines. It's Sampaloc iced tea and it's served in a restaurant near my home. Absolutely fantastic.

    For hot teas, we have herbal teas, some add seven local herbs. Basically, I take hot teas for slimming like Kankunis.

  9. ThriftyBoomer profile image60
    ThriftyBoomerposted 5 years ago

    I like orange spice tea and plantation mint tea.

  10. Hui (蕙) profile image57
    Hui (蕙)posted 5 years ago

    I drink green tea every day, but I do not like additional taste, such as mint or lemon.

  11. Kangaroo_Jase profile image80
    Kangaroo_Jaseposted 5 years ago

    Computer............................Tea, Earl Grey................................Hot......................................

  12. Greekgeek profile image96
    Greekgeekposted 5 years ago

    The greatest sorrow of my teenage years was that I vastly preferred Twinings Darjeeling to "Tea, Earl Grey, Hot." Alas, unlike my bald idol, I had a serious aversion to bergamot. I also liked Oolang, or Assam in the evenings.

    In recent years I've had to curtail my Darjeeling and other black tea consumption and switch to green. So far, the best green tea I've hit upon is organic sencha green tea by the "two leaves and a bud" company. However, it's not my favorite. While I normally don't like flowery or herbal teas, I recently hit upon an ambrosial green tea which has become my tea of choice: Bird Pick's Pearl Queen of Jasmine tea. (Green with a jasmine aroma.)  It's divine.  I usually have no less than twenty to thirty varieties of tea in the house, so that's high praise.

  13. rcrm89 profile image70
    rcrm89posted 5 years ago

    Chai tea.
    Green jasmine tea.

  14. Rocklin profile image77
    Rocklinposted 5 years ago

    I occasionally drink coffee, so I drink a lot of tea - different tea.

    Early Gray or black tea with ginseng - when I feel a little bit tired  and need a strong flavor to wake me up

    Green tea - when I like to relax and calm my nerves

    White tea - when I'm relaxed

    Black tea with honey and/or milk - when I'm sick and need to warm up

    Red tea - when I have a hangover or stomach problems

    1. grand old lady profile image89
      grand old ladyposted 5 years ago in reply to this

      I have a question -- which has more caffeine, coffee or tea? And what is the strongest tea caffeine wise? Anybody know?

      1. beaddve1800 profile image82
        beaddve1800posted 5 years ago in reply to this

        It depends. Some tea has less or even caffeine free smile

        1. grand old lady profile image89
          grand old ladyposted 5 years ago in reply to this

          I drink coffee for the caffeine....if there were a tea that were stronger, I would go for it...

  15. profile image58
    kmarilenaposted 5 years ago

    The best tea I have collectes is form mountain Olympus
    It is good for the cancer treatment
    http://www.rodacino.gr/article.jsf?id=B … F&at=1

  16. CJ Andrews profile image86
    CJ Andrewsposted 5 years ago

    My personal favorite is green tea with mint.

  17. Teh-Tarik profile image60
    Teh-Tarikposted 6 months ago

    Teh tarik is my favourite. Have you heard of it?

  18. Dave Marshall88 profile image60
    Dave Marshall88posted 4 months ago

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