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A Review of GrogTag Homebrewer's Labeling Solution

Updated on September 25, 2014
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Jeff Johnston is a medieval reenactor and avid history fan. He is also the publisher at Living History Publications.

image used with permission
image used with permission

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What is GrogTag?

GrogTag is an online custom beer label system. You can pick from one of their pre-made designs or custom design your own. They then mail the labels to your home.

I had the opportunity to get some free samples from them for the purposes of reviewing their product. I have no ties to the company, nor do I have any vested interest in the product. The views presented on this review are my own opinion.

My Review

I received two sets of GrogTag labels recently in the mail. They performed admirably to say the least. They were easy to apply and adjust once applied so perfect placement could be assured. They could even be completely removed and reapplied, so in theory they should be reusable, you might get two or three uses out of them if you are careful about removing them.

A huge advantage is that there was no sticky residue still on the bottle after removal, might not seem like a huge advantage until you think about how hard glue residue is to remove when you wash bottles.

While specifically designed for beer bottles they work just as well for wine or mead, in fact I used mine on a few bottles of mead and a cyser (apple mead close to a sparkling hard apple cider).

The only real downside I saw was that the rectangle label only really fit landscape on some of the smaller plastic labels, I have been assured by the owners that they are currently developing more sizes to solve this issue.

The Ultimate in Affordable Labels

Anyone who has made homemade beer or made their own wine can tell you what a pain it is to label their finished product, most don't even bother. GrogTag must have been founded by homebrewers because they've got a great solution to this problem.

Why GrogTag?

Why use GrogTag when you could use any old printed label like the avery label I list here, but they aren't designed to go on bottles, they don't hold up well to the condensation if the bottle is chilled and the ink will run. The Avery style labels are also quite difficult to place on a bottle, and once they are on they cannot be re-positioned.

That being said, Avery is a cheaper solution, and if you are just looking for the cheapest way out Avery labels are the way to go.

Grog Tag Pricing and Sizes

The labels are 3X4 inches and come in rectangular and oval shapes. They have a template you can download if you want to use your own custom graphics, or you can simply choose from their design gallery and customize with your own text.

The prices start at $20 for 24 and increase based on the number of labels you order with a discount for bulk ordering. Not the most affordable labelling system out there, but the cheapest way to get professional looking labels on your home brewed alcoholic beverage.

© 2014 Jeff Johnston

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    • WNJ631 LM profile image

      WNJ631 LM 6 years ago

      I'll have to share this with my padre! Recently decided he wanted to experiment with brewing so he's got all the bottles and production set up, just need the details now (and of course the fine-tuning of the beer!).