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Updated on October 14, 2014
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Jeff Johnston is a medieval reenactor and avid history fan. He is also the publisher at Living History Publications.


Your Guide to All Thinngs Boozy

Alcohol, my permanent accessory
Alcohol, a party-time necessity
Alchool, alternative to feeling like yourself
O Alcohol, I still drink to your health - A snippet of the Lyrics to the Bare Naked Ladies song "Alcohol"

Man has a certain obsession with Alcohol, since to dawn of time we've been producing alcoholic beverages, and since the dawn of time its been societies villain that we love to hate. Over indulgence in alcohol is bad, we know this, in extreme forms its alcoholism, but moderate use of alcohol has been acknowledged as very good for your health. So in this Lensopedia I am going to lay out my knowledge of alcohol, so buckle in, its a long voyage down the river of booze.


Humour is used rather often in this lens, so if you do not have a sense of humour be aware that my when I wrote this my tongue was firmly in cheek.

The History of Alcohol

Alcohol and Man has a long and rocky history. I have studied some of the history of alcohol, and I present to you a list of lenses containing some of my findings.

Mead - The Drink of the Gods

Mead is what got me interested in producing my own alcoholic beverages, in my neck of the woods its hard to find a good bottle of mead. Most of what we can get a hold of is syrupy sickeningly sweet swill that I wouldn't feed to my worst enemy, so it was that I set out to producing my own mead. Contained within the virtual pages of the following lenses is some of the fascinating facts about mead I have found.

Rum Runners, Moonshiners, and Other Unsavory Creatures - OR The Production of Alcohol

Alcohol is enjoyable to imbibe, but its also fun to make, and you can do it in your own home too. The following is a list of lenses focusing on the production of alcohol, mainly in the home production of alcohol.


Beer, beer, beer, beer, beer, beer, beer, beer, beer, beer, beer, beer, beer, beer, beer!

Beer, beer, beer, beer, beer, beer, beer, beer, beer, beer, beer, beer, beer, beer, beer?

Beer, beer, beer, beer, beer, beer, beer, beer, beer, beer, beer, beer, beer, beer, beer.

First chorus to the best drinking song I ever composed, ok so its the only drinking song I ever composed.

The Art Of Mixology

Making a cocktail is an art form that few recognize as such. You can pour a shot of rye in a glass of coke and get a rye and coke, but can you mix a perfect martini? Learn some skills.

Boozey Cooking

Booze is not just good for quaffing* its also awfully handy to cook with

Alcoholic Activism - Get involved today

The World is full of sins against booze, take the fist step and become an alcohol activist.


Sir Terry Pratchett defines quaffing as "like drinking, but you spill more".

On A Sober Note

Alcoholism is a serious disease and should be treated with respect and seriousness, and in no way was this lens meant to belittle the struggle of alcoholics. If you, or someone you know is suffering from alcoholism but has not addressed this fact please get in touch with your local health professional or alcoholics anonymous, or alanon.

© 2012 Jeff Johnston

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    • CuAllaidh profile imageAUTHOR

      Jeff Johnston 

      6 years ago from Alberta Canada

      @askformore lm: LOL good for you :D

    • askformore lm profile image

      askformore lm 

      6 years ago

      LOL I managed to read your lens without getting drunk.

    • CuAllaidh profile imageAUTHOR

      Jeff Johnston 

      7 years ago from Alberta Canada

      @Lee Hansen: I have not, if I can get my hands on some I'll do my best.

    • Lee Hansen profile image

      Lee Hansen 

      7 years ago from Vermont

      Have ye ever tasted boilo?? The champagne of coalcrackers of northeastern Pennsylvania ...

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Hey Yo, I read your lens! Im not into such things...but it wasn't a bad lens nonetheless! Keep writing bro! Check out some of my stuff if you want. I'm new here and comments on my 2 lens are much appreciated.


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