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Hamilton Beach Electric All-Metal Mixer, The One Grandma Used

Updated on October 20, 2014

This is the mixer I have, except mine is white, and not a gorgeous rich licorice. Whatever the color, I love this mixer! Every time I get my mixer out of the pantry to use, I am once again amazed at the weight of it. It is very heavy and must be lifted in both arms. When I need access to the bowl, the metal head pivots back to lift away from the bowl, but it must be unlocked to move in either direction.

The metal bowl locks into place but also can be used free standing. There are three different beater blades included - a hook for bread making, a wide heavy triangle shaped beater for denser mixing jobs, and a lighter weight wire whisk for meringue or seafoam.

Grandma always said that to make meringue or seafoam candy (divinity in the Northern states), you need a really good mixer. That is what really puts a mixer to the test. A mixer that breaks when it is used for longer than a few minutes is really no help whatsoever. Plus you're sitting there with something half mixed, so how are you going to finish it? Candy and meringue are delicate creations and they cannot wait for you to buy or borrow another mixer.

The Hamilton Beach Eclectric mixer is made with a good strong motor that will last for years. There will be no god-awful grinding metal sounds that signifies a breakdown of all that is holy, proper, and good. Not with this mixer. Lemon meringue pie and homemade candy shall be mine. Lovely tasty divinity made with love, if not nutrition.

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Hamilton Beach Eclectric Mixer Video

The mixer in the above picture is just like mine and I really have to say that it is a handy dandy little gadget. I am unconditionally attached to it.

The only bad thing about this mixer it is that it is extremely heavy.

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