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A Sunday Dinner Recipe For a Busy Mom

Updated on July 12, 2017
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Writing is my passion. I have an undying thirst and quest in the field of writing.Some eat, smoke, drink or use drugs when stress, I write.

Today we are living in a fast-paced modern world until sometimes it makes it very hard for a busy working mother to prepare healthy meals when she has limit time. Nonetheless, for most Sunday dinners are a big deal – it where the family all gathered together at the table and shared a meal and a conversation. However, the busyness of life has made Sunday dinner take a back seat to the plans, careers and many females dreams. Perhaps it will help for a working mother to learn a new way to make a tasty dish and acquire easier ways to simplify meal preparation.

Also, it is important that she knows the basics of food safety because the steady diet of fast foods is not particularly healthy. Because many mothers work long hours, it is easy to get stuck in a cycle of going out to eat every Sunday or preparing the same Sunday’s meal. However, for that woman who does nothing better than bringing her family together over a tasty meal. You might need a little help, so I've included an interesting choice to know how to prepare the perfect Sunday's dinner. Of course, after cooking this tasty Sunday’s meals everyone will be stuffed, but they will be happy.

Whether you prepare dinner every Sunday or go out to eat each Sunday, it is whatever way you organize your family to eat a meal. However, if you are looking for that perfect way to spend Sunday afternoon getting prepared to cook the best Sunday’s dinner with the immediate family or with a host of friends; take a look at the receipt I am sharing you'll find a tasty Sunday meals that are guaranteed to impress.

The cooking appliances play a significant role in preparing a great Sunday's meal. So, make sure you have all the kitchen equipment you need. Also, the cooking appliances need to be in the best condition because they work their hardest while preparing a meal, so take the time to make sure the oven and counter-top are equipped for the hard work ahead. It is best to clean the oven by hand rather than running the self-cleaning function, running the self-cleaning function sometimes makes the oven runs scalding hot and throws off the temperature.

A large roasting pan is necessary if you are preparing the perfect roast, and if you do not have an onion handy, invest in one, it will be an excellent choice.

Use these five helpful tips to organize the kitchen for the best Sunday's meal.

1. Begin with a plan: Make a list of the Sunday's dinner that will assist you in budgeting the food and your time.

2. Multi-task; Always prepare the dinner, dessert, appetizers, side dishes and wine list in advance: This will assist in ensuring you get the most out of your food prep time is to make sure you are have something on the stove and something in the oven.

3. Store the left over: After eating place the leftover in the fridge. They will be safe for three to four days

4. Buddy System and team cleanup: Ensure team members lend a hand with the cleanup. Make sure a helper is present in the kitchen and helping with food preparation.

5. Prep the kitchen: After planning the menu, organize the kitchen with many serving gears, and arrange where the food minister. Plan out setting and seating

To make sure the big day runs smoothly, assign tasks to reliable people like someone to answer the door, coat-taker, host, and bartender. These jobs should go a long way to assist managing traffic.

Roast Pork Loin with Carrots and Mustard Gravy

Roast pork lion is a tasty dish; dinner does not get any easy to prepare than a one pan dish with limit ingredients. You will need a juicy pork lion, peels carrots, two tablespoons olive oil, two tablespoons all-purpose flour, and two tablespoons grainy mustard. The high heat from the oven will concentrate the flavor of the carrots, baking them; making as sweet as honey. To quickly add to the plate for this elegant entree, you can serve with a spinach salad or any salad of your choice. Also, it will be a good idea to invest in a thermometer to instant-read when the pork lion is ready.

Roast Pork Loin with Carrots and Mustard Gravy

Prep time: 20 min
Cook time: 1 hour
Ready in: 1 hour 20 min
Yields: serve 4 servings

Roast Pork Loin with Carrots and Mustard Gravy ingredients

  • 2 pounds carrots, peeled and halved lengthwise if large
  • 1/2 pound shallots, peeled and halved if large
  • 2 tablespoons fresh rosemary leaves
  • 2 tablespoons olive oil
  • 1 1/2 pounds boneless pork loin roast
  • 3/4 cup white wine
  • 2 tablespoons all-purpose flour
  • 2 tablespoons grainy mustard


  1. Preheat oven to 450 degrees. On a rimmed baking sheet, toss carrots, shallots, and 1 tablespoon rosemary with 1 tablespoon oil; season with salt and pepper. Roast for 10 to 12 minutes. Meanwhile, season pork with salt and pepper. In a large skillet, heat 1 tablespoon oil over medium. Add pork; cook, turning occasionally, until golden brown on all sides, 10 to 12 minutes. Transfer pork to a plate, and reserve skillet. Remove baking sheet from oven; push vegetables to sides. Place pork in center; return sheet to oven. Roast, tossing vegetables occasionally, until an instant-read thermometer inserted in thickest part of pork registers 145 degrees, 30 to 40 minutes. Loosely tent pork with foil. Let rest 10 minutes before slicing.
  2. While pork rests, pour off almost all of the fat from skillet. Add wine, and cook over medium-high, scraping up browned bits, until syrupy, 4 to 5 minutes. Add flour, and cook, whisking constantly, 30 seconds. Gradually add 1 cup water, whisking constantly. Add 1 tablespoon rosemary. Bring to a simmer. Remove from heat. Whisk in mustard, and season gravy with salt and pepper. Serve pork with carrots and gravy.

Roast Pork Loin with Carrots and Mustard Gravy

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Roast Pork Loin with Carrots and Mustard Gravy

Nutrition Facts
Serving size: 4
% Daily Value *
Fat 47 g72%
Saturated fat 18 g90%
Carbohydrates 3 g1%
Sugar 3 g
Fiber 0 g
Protein 74 g148%
* The Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet, so your values may change depending on your calorie needs. The values here may not be 100% accurate because the recipes have not been professionally evaluated nor have they been evaluated by the U.S. FDA.

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Home Organizing Tips - How to Organize Your Kitchen

How to Roast a Pork Loin Best Recipe | Our Video Cookbook #131

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