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Kansas City Restaurants

Updated on January 9, 2014

Eating Out in KC

They say Kansas City has Barbeque in it's blood! The city has more barbecue per capita than any other city. Kansas City may be one of the top places for barbecue in all of America, but there's also a much more sophisticated food scene here, one that's thriving, with much more to offer than barbeque brisket and ribs. There are lots of small food and beverage producers in KC, and a huge variety of restaurants.

In 2012 10 Kansas City restaurants made the Zagat's best restaurant list. Oklahoma Joes (BBQ) was one of them.

Kansas City Restaurant Week Participating Restaurants - Dining Event Will Feature 131 Metro Restaurants

Ten percent of each Restaurant Week menu will be donated to the beneficiaries of 2014 Kansas City Restaurant Week. Here are the three charities:

Harvesters – the Community Food Network providing meals to the hungry in Kansas City

Kansas City Regional Destination Development Foundation

Greater Kansas City Restaurant Association (GKCRA) Educational Foundation

The last two are "nonprofit organizations helping to advance culinary education and the restaurant and tourism industries in Kansas City.":

To see a list of participating restaurants, click here:

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Kansas City is a Capital of Barbecue - Food & Wine magazine says there's no one better at it there than Ollie Gates.

A few facts about K.C. barbecue from the Kansas City Barbeque Society (, the world's largest organization of barbecue and grilling enthusiasts:

# There are more than 100 barbecue restaurants in the city.

# Area has more barbecue competitions than any other metropolitan area in the world.

# It has more barbecue competition teams than any other metropolitan area in the world.

# It boasts more certified barbecue judges that any other metropolitan area in the world.

# It's home to the largest barbecue contest in the world, American Royal, which has some 500 teams.

Guides to Kansas City Food

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Food & Wine's recommended locations in Kansas City:

Infused Bourbon from 12 Baltimore at the Hotel Phillips

JP Wine Bar has an extensive artisanal cheese menu, serving local cheeses.

Fervere in KC has artisanal breads that rival that in New York City or Paris.

From Bluestem, the crudo plate of Japanese hamachi with litchi granite.

Christopher Elbow Chocolates,

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Do you have a favorite KC Restaurant? Tell me about it here.

Have you eaten at one of my favorite places? Tell me what you think about it.

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