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Nutribullet vs Magic Bullet

Updated on December 9, 2014

Nutribullet Vs Magic Bullet - What is the Difference?

Nutribullet vs Magic Bullet- The big difference between the nutri bullet and the magic bullet is the fact that the nutri bullet is much more powerful and bigger than the magic bullet.

The nutribullet has a motor of 600 watts, whereas the magic bullet has a motor of 250 watts. The motor power of the nutribullet makes a big difference on how your smoothies come out. The nutribullet has a 24 ounce capacity; whereas, the magic bullet has an 18 ounce capacity.

The 600 watt motor of the nutribullet as well as the all new extractor blade enables the nutribullet to break the pulp, skins, seeds and stems of the plants you eat into small particles. meaning that you do not lose any nutrients when using this powerful mixer/blender.

The nutrient is a good mixer/blender for someone who is looking to have a healthier lifestyle, meaning someone who wants to get all the nutrients and the fibers out of his smoothies and vegetables, then you will make the right decision by going with the nutribullet; however, if you want something that will make you great food smoothies, milkshakes and at the same time, you can do other things with it in the kitchen, then the magic bullet is ideal for you. Keep reading to learn more about the two machines, but if you are in a rush, you will find both machines at Amazon here..

Nutri Bullet Review

NutriBullet Vs Magic Bullet Reviews

When comparing the nutribullet vs the magic bullet, it comes down to the power of the two machines. As I have mentioned above, the nutribullet is more powerful than the magic bullet, so it makes sense that when using the nutribullet, you will get more nutrients and fibers from your smoothies and vegetables than you would get from the magic bullet or any other juices or blenders.

The Nutribullet is a high speed blender/mixer system. It pulverizes fruits, vegetables, super-foods and protein shakes into a delicious and smooth texture.

It is not just a regular blender/mixer. It is a nutrient extractor. With this machine, you will no longer be undernourished because you lose some of the nutrients when using regular blenders or mixers.

This blender/mixer system has more power than other machines of its kind. This machine is more like the vitamix , except that it is vitamix is a lot more powerful. The power patented blade design will ensure that you receive all the nutrients that you need in order to have a healthy lifestyle.

I have to mention that this blender is great if you are often on the road. It is small enough that you can take it with you when you travel.

The system includes a power base, 1 tall cup, 2 short cups, 1 flat blade and 1 emulsifying blade, 2 re-sealable lids, pocket nutritionist and manual with recipes.

Most of I have said above are the pros of this product. Like every product, there are pros and cons, so I will list the cons below in order to help you decide if the nutribullet is right for you or not.

As it turned out, the nutribullet is not as easy to clean as the manufacturer wants you to believe.

Some customers have complained that the nutribullet leaks too easily, but there is a solution to this problem. You just have to make sure that you don't fill it to the top when using it and it shouldn't be a problem.

With this said, I think the nutribullet is a good choice, overall. There are over 600 reviews on Amazon regarding this product and most people who have used it are satisfied with their purchase.

Nutribullet or Magic Bullet

What is the Difference Between the Magic Bullet and the Nutri Bullet

The magic bullet is a 25 piece high speed blender/mixer. You can use the machine to make great smoothies, milkshakes and any other types of drinks.

You can mix pretty much anything that is not too rough using this blender/mixer. It chops, whips, blends and more. This machine will do pretty much everything that you need to be done in the kitchen.

This machine can replace your food processor, your blender, your mixer, your coffee grinder. It is an all in one machine. This machine will get anything that you need done in your kitchen in seconds.

You will save money and time by investing in this machine. It doesn't take a lot of space and it is easy to clean.

To help with your purchase decision, read customer reviews at Amazon here..

Which Machine Do You Like Best?

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    • profile image


      2 years ago

      I have a brand new Magic Bullet NutriBulletPro 900 series, which I bought a few months ago. I have never used it, and now since reading a review done by consumers; I will not even try it. It has been rated a Don't Buy; Safety Risk. During performance testing, a blade on the machine broke or cracked on two separate units in their durability test, a stress test in which they crushed 7 large ice cubes 45 times to simulate rigorous use. Also, one of the NutriBullet's second assemblies (each package contains two) also had a visible crack. So what do I do, try to sell it knowing this about it. I wouldn't want to responsible for a piece of blade breaking off in someone's smoothie. I think I will have to post this on Facebook to make consumers aware of the kind of products you sell. It would also be nice if I would receive a refund on this product. Please allow me future information concerning this problem.

    • CherylsArt profile image

      Cheryl Paton 

      5 years ago from West Virginia

      Thanks for commenting on my cat shirt lens. Also, thanks for writing this one. My hand held blender went kaput, and I've been wondering what to replace it with. The nutri-bullet sounds like a good choice to me.

    • Daniel Golvet profile imageAUTHOR

      Daniel Golvet 

      5 years ago

      @CoolFool83: No Problem, Godfather25. Thanks for stopping by!

    • CoolFool83 profile image


      5 years ago

      Thanks for the great review


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