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How to make a quick winter meal in less than 1 hour

Updated on October 19, 2012

Potatoe hash in less than 1 hour (quick)

 Ingridients: 4 large potatoes any make except (sweet potatoe)

                   2 carrots or 1 small tin of carrots

                   1 onion (optional)

                   1 tin of corn(ed) beef

                   2 oxo cubes

                   Ground black pepper (optional)



First thing to do is get a medium sized pan and fill it 3 guarters of the way full with cold water and then place on oven hob. Sprinke a little salt into the pan this helps the potatoes soften (not too much salt though as this ruins the finished taste). Now you need to peel your potatoes taking care not to cut yourself. Once the potatoes are peeled slice into moderatly sized cubes about 10-12 each potatoe. Wash potatoes as this cleans them as well as taking unnecesary starch off. Chuck potatoes in pan and put on boil. While they are boiling peel carrots and slice into circles or open tin of carrots and chop onions if using and cut cornbeef into cubes. Once at boiling point turn down to simmer and keep checking to see if potatoes are softening up with a fork by stabbing them. Once potatoes go soft chuck the carrots and onions into the pan and simmer for 5 minutes. Now you can add the cornbeef (if u havent already been munching on it) and stir for 2 minutes. Add your OXO cubes and stir until really mixed in with hash. Now you could if wanted sprinkle a little ground black pepper on like i said (optional).

NOTE: If wanted add some dumplings or make a crust also a bit of beetroot or pickled red cabbage. Serve up and enjoy.

P.S: Kids like this even though vegetables are in it.



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