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The Captain's Pineapples (slice&potted)

Updated on July 9, 2016

Slice the Crown off

How to cut a freshly picked pineapple at home? Right out of your garden, simply get a knife. Place the pineapple parallel on a platter. Aim two inches from the top of the pineapple and carefully slice the crown off.

Slicing the pineapple

Then continue slicing the pineapple till you reach the bottom. Cut the tough outer layer of the pineapple slices. Use the tip of your knife to cut out the seeds pockets, till you get clean cut pineapple slices.

Bottom of the Pineapple

Get rid of this part, it's the bottom of the pineapple. This part was attached to the pineapple stem.


Pineapple Flavors

Add water, almond extract and water into a bowl, stir. Place the slices of pineapples into the mixture and soak for 30 minutes or cover and leave over night into the refrigerator for more flavorful pineapple flavors.

Once you have picked the pineapple, cut the crown off, slice the pineapple, remove the tough outer layer skin, stir mix and soak the pineapple. The dice your pineapple in preparation of the recipe. Read a short story a pineapple inspiration.

Pineapple Story

Rrrr, I'm hungry says the captain. He looked into his garden and saw a ripe pineapple. He reap what he sow. Slice and dice the pineapple and put it In the refrigerator overnight, got up the next day looked in the fridge and saw his pineapple slices was gone. Furious the captain stomped his feet on the floor and pound his fist on the fridge door. "Who stool my pineapple slices"? He yelled. Stomping down the ship board walk, he turned the knob and opened the dinning room door and went in. "Surprise, we prepared your favorite meal. Macaroni pasta, barbecue beef ribs and layered on top pineapple slices, says the captains crew surprisingly. Rrrrr, the captain ate his meal and lick the plate.

Pineapple Song

Then he sang this song. Pineapples pineapples, delicious pineapples. Pineapples, pineapples juicy sweet pineapples. Pineapples, pineapples so nice to eat pineapples. (repeated faster two times)

Potting the Pineapple Crown

The best way to grow your crown, is to pot your crown. Add soil into you pot, size the dimension of your crown to the size pot used, for instance, you got a 6 inches crown you need a size 5x5 pot. Stick the crown on the cut side into the pot of soil, add water and give lots of sun. When the crown develops its roots and coiled around inside the pot, pull out the rooted crown and plant it into the ground with lots of space of 3 ft. all around the pineapple plant. This will give the crown to grow larger and spread wider. Water your pineapple once a week will allow your pineapple to get bigger. Within a year your ready to reap what you sow. Enjoy

How to grow pineapple sprout?

First you must put on a garden gloves for protection. Once the pineapple is ready to be picked. The color from green to orangery yellow that means the pineapple is ready to be picked. Then gently hold the sprout that's located on the bottom of the pineapple, near the stem and pull off. Stick the sprout at the end where the sprout was pull from the pineapple and stick it into the pot with dirt, water and lots of sun.

Transplanting Pineapple Sprouts

How do you recognize when it's time to transplant a sprouted pineapple plant? When the root is coiled inside the pot, then transplant into a larger pot. It will take three transactions before placing the pineapple into the ground.


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