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Updated on January 6, 2011

This large food and cooking tip website consistently delivers great recipes from simple directions. The main ingredients are familiar, easy to access and the prep time is minimal. The end result is a meal that is affordable, good, and best of all, homemade. The main ingredients featured in these recipes are the classic products that are already in the average pantry and refrigerator. Most basic meals simply start with fresh milk, eggs and protein. The extra components that are needed to complete the meal are things like healthy veggies and beneficial oils. The meals are quick, compact and easy to create.

The All Recipes website is user friendly from the first page. It is easy to login and sign in to your online account. Center stage is frequently the Recipe of the Day. Many times the recipe is theme based depending on the season and/or holiday and will have a photo of the prepared item. Across the tops of the pages are the navigation tabs that allow the reader to choose some specialty items like holiday ideas and grilling recipes for the summer months.

Across the side bar are popular recipes and ways to narrow your search selections by food product alone. By clicking on any one of these browsing preferences you are presented with dozens of choices to create a meal that suites your taste at that moment. The choices of recipes have such a broad range that each visitor to can surely find a worthy meal. And the desserts are just as good. Again, the ingredients are basic items. But prepared almost effortlessly, according to the recipes on this site, great desserts are and will be created.

There are recipes so easy it can involve each family member regardless of age. Some desserts require baking, others only freezing and then there are some really neat visions that taste as incredible as they look. Each recipe has a photo next to it so choosing just the right dessert to bring to the office/home/school party just got much easier.

Find all types of cooking ideas such as diabetic friendly foods and meals, summer grilling tips, holidays cooking, moms on the go, diet recipes, appetizers, pork recipe creations, chicken, shrimp recipes, beef, fish, stews, soups, meatloaf, crock pot recipe ideas and much more.


The site also offers it’s share of challenges should a more in depth feast or sweet be needed. Real heavy duty meal ideas are featured such as slow cooker recipes, tested and true mom approved family pot roast dinners and of course several meatloaf lovers recipes. An extremely time saving and helpful feature is the personalized recipe box that you create and save directly on the site with all the keeper recipes that you like the best.

All Recipes offers ways to exchange and try new recipe creations from people everywhere. The site is pleasing to look at and straightforward to navigate. The cooking directions and tips are uncomplicated and there are hundreds of meal options to choose from! It is also quick and easy to login and signon to your personal account. Just login and sign in with your user name and password to utilize all of the benefits of this food and cooking tips website.

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    • kingis profile image

      Patrick King 7 years ago from Springfield, IL

      My wife is a big fan of I have found some good recipes myself from the site. I like the user feedback on dishes. Good hub!!