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Updated on December 22, 2011 Recipes

The food website brought to us by Conde Nast Digital sites provides access to a huge collection of recipes, menus, cooking and food articles. Among the collection of recipes are more than 27,000 professionally tested recipes and 115,000 member submitted recipes that provide dining options across virtually all food categories and culinary groups. Also included in the content on the Epicurious website are articles and cooking commentary from food experts, editors and leading authorities from all around the world.

Upon accessing and entering the food and recipe website you can get to your member account. If you have not yet registered for a free account, do so and then you can have access to all of the best benefits and features offered and provided by this food, recipe and culinary website. The main sections of the site include recipes and menus, articles and guides, and community. In addition to signing on to your member account, you can also follow Epicurious on their Facebook page from the site. Website Information

Epicurious Recipes, Menus, Cooking Articles and Food Guides

You can search for recipes and menus by special occasion, or by type of food. Some of the special occasion recipe groups include Mothers Day, wedding, graduation, seasonal cooking, healthy, quick and easy, and more. You can also search for recipes by food group such as chicken, seafood, fish, halibut, swordfish, snapper, grouper, shrimp, oysters, crab, crab cakes, lobster, clams, steaks, prime rib, pork, boston butt roast, lamb, pasta, italian recipes, greek food, appetizers, deserts, cookies, fudge, pie, cakes, cheese cake, ice cream and many more recipe creations.

When you look at the articles and guides you can select from several areas such as 80 global dishes, holidays and parties, healthy cooking, seasonal cooking, how to cook, everyday cooking, world cuisines, chefs and experts and kitchen and cooking equipment.

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