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Updated on January 8, 2011

If you like to eat submarine sandwiches at Subway Restaurants, then you may want to learn more about their promotional website for Subway Freshbuzz. The website is used to deliver promotional messages to sub sandwich customers as well as a platform and place to launch periodic promotions and marketing programs. In the past they have launched the Subway Scrabble Sweepstakes and sweepstakes that required codes to enter. They recently had the Footlong Nation Appreciation promotion. You can also enter and visit the website to keep up on current news and new promotions and restaurant offers.

As you enter the website for this sub sandwich restaurant chain you will notice a nice flow to the site. Some of the various sections you can browse and learn more about include their restaurant menu and nutrition information, Jared's Journey, Buzzworthy items, the Subway restaurant card and you can find a local restaurant and location nearest to you. Be sure and check out the Subway Fresh Fit menu choices and Fresh Fit meal builder. You can also learn more about how you can own your own restaurant franchise.

Subway Freshbuzz and Healthy Eating

If eating healthy is important to you and you were inspired by Jared's success with eating Subway restaurant submarine sandwiches to lose so much weight, you can learn more about Jared's Journey. Read about how he did it, how you can do it, as well as videos and pictures of his journey. See his timeline, healthy tips, his favorite footlong sub sandwiches and inspired stories to help you along your journey of healthy eating success. In addition to learning about how Jared did it, you can also read up on other inspirational persons and their successes such as Carl Edwards, Tony Parker, Ryan Howard, Jared Fogle, Michael Phelps, Michael Crabtree and Blake Griffin.

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