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Updated on January 8, 2011

Learn more about this website for Subway Kids. The site was built by the Subway Restaurant company as a way for kids and children to learn about healthy eating choices. Actually, kids and adults can learn more about healthy eating. From the site you can pick a Subway kid to play with and hangout with online and play games. You can explore unique destinations around the world with the National Geographic Kids reusable meal bags and Subway Restaurants.

There are a lot of unique games and activities for kids, children and adults to play along. You can spin the wheel and choose your content and special activity. Some of the games, adventures and activities to choose from include Pants Dance Game, Ryan Howard's Triple Play, Be Fresh My Memory Game, Subway Fresh Fit Adventure, Launch Menu, Play the Games, Tag Your It, Jared in Schools, Fit Tip of the Day, Help Your Neighborhood and the Subway Kids.

The grown-ups and adults can play and learn more about healthy eating habits too. Some of the topics to browse and explore in the Adults section include Healthy at Home, In the Classroom, Community Partnerships, Fresh Fit Menu and Editor's Note. You can also find a Subway Restaurant near you by putting your zip code into the location search box. Adults and parents can also join the challenge to win $5,000 worth of athletic equipment for your school or community. You will need to enter the Subway Fresh Fit Family All Star Challenge for your chance to win the $5,000 worth of athletic gear.

Subway Restaurants created and maintains the Subway Kids website so that children will learn more about choices they have when it comes to a more healthy eating diet. They also want to help the parents to learn more too so that the children will have options and healthier food choices. So, kids get to play games, participate in adventures and have fun. All the while, hopefully learning more about healthy food choices and eating better.

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      vitalina 6 years ago

      That's cool.


    • profile image

      angela lanning 6 years ago

      I love to eat at subway.It is always great and they make it how you want it .And i know it is good for me and my kids so i don't have to worry about them eating poorly at fast food .and the employees at subway in glouster ohio are very nice and patience.the take thier time and not rush you....