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10 Dota 2 Heroes for Beginners

Updated on December 14, 2017
Ralph Castro profile image

I am a Dota, LoL, Mobile Legends, Ragnarok and Dragon Nest player. But I am not a Pro. I know I can play but I can't say I am a super good

A Guide for Dota 2 Beginners

As a beginner in Dota 2, you need to practice how to use each and every hero. There are 115 heroes in Dota 2. Before you begin playing this game, you need to know first all the heroes that are easy to use. I categorized this heroes as easy to use because their game play is a bit easy, either they have too many passive skills and few active skills or they are so OP(over powered) that’s why they are easy to use. Here are the list of the top 10 easy peasy Dota 2 heroes.

Sven is one of the OP heroes in Dota 2. He has high physical attack even without items due to its skills. Sven’s skills are as follows

  • 1st skill – Storm Hammer (Target Unit)– Stun enemies in an area.
  • 2nd skills – Great Cleave (Passive) – Give Sven’s physical attack to cleave at nearby enemies
  • 3rd skill – Warcry (No Target) – increases allies’ armor and movement speed for 8 seconds.
  • Ultimate – God’s Strength(No Target) – gives Sven bonus damage for 25 seconds.

With these skills, you should be able to play smoothly at your first game. You will only need to farm fast so that you can make Sven unstoppable. But overall, Sven is pretty easy to use

Troll Warlord is also an easy hero to use. The reason is that with his passive skill, given the right item and timing, can kill almost all who opposes you. You can toggle his physical attack to melee or range attacks. Here are Troll’s skills:

  • 1st skill – Berserker’s Rage (Toggle Skill) – let you toggle your physical attack to melee or range attacks. While in melee, your attacks have a chance to stun and your movement and attacking speed and armor increases. This also changes the functionality of your second skill.
  • 2nd skills – Whirling Axes (Active Skill) – when in range atttack, this skill slows and damage your opponent. In melee attack, it damages the enemy and chance their attacks missed.
  • 3rd skill –. Fervor (Passive Skill) – this is the skill that I am talking about. This skill lets Troll warlord’s attack to increase its speed if he continuously attack same target. It can stack up to 7 times.
  • Ultimate – Battle Trance (Active Skill) – it increase the attack speed of Troll and its allied heroes

I know you think it is easier to use Sven that Troll. But as you practice on using Troll Warlord you would know that it is indeed easier than Sven. Just give troll a Shadow Blade and a Morbid Mask and your ready to f*** all your enemies! Just be careful with the enemies’ wards and dust!

Venomancer is one of my favorite Dota 2 heroes. I like this hero because of its damage over time and it decreases heroes movement speed. Its a bit tricky using this hero but once used properly you will see why it is in this list. Here Venomancer’s skills:

  • 1st skill – Venomous Gale (Target Point) – Venomancer launches a venom in a straight line dealing damage over time and slowing enemy heroes.
  • 2nd skills – Poison Sting (Passive) – this skill gives poison to Venomancer’s normal attack and slowing enemy heroes.
  • 3rd skill – Plague Ward (Target Point) – Venomancer summons a ward that deals damage to enemy unit. It also has the same level of Poison Sting as Venomancer has.
  • Ultimate – Poison Nova (No Target) – Venomancer spreads poison to enemy unit around him. But this does not kill the enemy it will leave him at least 1 health point.

The way I use Venomancer is kind of aggressive and risky. I rely my tactic on using Plague Ward and Poison Sting. I make sure that Plague ward is at least a level higher than poison sting so that enemies will have a hard time killing it. Since it damages them over time it will be dangerous for them to focus destroying the ward. Take note that the Plague Ward has a low cool down time and low mana cost that is why spamming the third skill makes Venomancer a good and easy to use heroes for beginners.

Who wouldn’t want a hero that is durable, has a stun and slow, and the Ultimate’s sound effect is like you winning in a casino? Because I would want that! I very much like to hear the “DING DING DING DING” sound when I play as Ogre Magi in Dota 2. It is music to my ears! By the way here are Ogre’s skills:

  • 1st skill – Fireblast (Target Unit) – Ogre Magi blast and enemy with a huge fire dealing damage and stunning the enemy
  • 2nd skills – Ignite (Target Unit) – Ogre drenches a target with volatile chemicals causing it to burn taking damage over time and moving more slowly.
  • 3rd skill – Bloodlust (Target Unit/Auto cast) – the target unit’s movement speed and attack speed will be increased. It can also be cast on towers.
  • Ultimate – Multicast (Passive) – a chance to cast a spell multiple times is what placed Ogre to this list. This skill grants Ogre Magi the chance to cast his spells multiple times.

Luna is an easy carry hero to use. With its passive – an aura granting additional damage and attacks bouncing to enemies – makes Luna a formidable early game hero. It also has a stun and its ultimate is a bit pain in the ass when you take it solo. So here are Luna Moonfang’s skills:

  • 1st skill – Lucent Beam (Target Unit) – Luna damages and stuns the enemy with a beam of energy.
  • 2nd skills – Moon Glaives (Passive) – Luna’s normal attack bounces from enemy to enemy, but deals less damage with its bounce. This skill is good for farming and pushing. You can easily kill as many creeps as you want with this skill.
  • 3rd skill – Lunar Blessing (Aura) – it increases the damage dealt from Luna and its surrounding allied heroes.
  • Ultimate – Eclipse (No Target) – a beam of light showers around Luna randomly attacking enemies in Luna’s range. Before you use this, you need to first calculate your distance to your enemy and if there are other unit that will be targeted by this skill. I personally don't use this if there are creeps around me cause it randomly attacks enemy units, so it will be ineffective and also inefficient to use. Also I first use Lucent Beam then get close to the hero and release the ultimate.

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Traxex is also one over powered dota 2 heroes if used right. It also is good for beginners, since her skills are no brainer – slow, silence and a bunch of damage increasing passive skills. Here are Drow Ranger’s skills:

  • 1st skill – Frost Arrows (Target Unit/Autocast) – Drow Ranger’s normal attack slows enemy movement but it consumes mana points. You can toggle it to autocast if you don't want to control it, but take note of your mana points cause it will consume it fast.
  • 2nd skills – Gust (Target Point) – Traxex releases a wave that silences and knocks the enemy heroes and units back. This is one of the crucial skill you need to use. As the enemy approaches you, specially melee heroes, you will need to use gust on them and then spamming Frost Arrows until you kill them.
  • 3rd skill – Precision Aura (No Target/Aura) – this skill adds bonus damage to all ranged Hero units. The added damage is based on Traxex’s Agility.
  • Ultimate – Marksmanship (Passive) – This skill grants Drow Ranger additional Agility Bonus.

Zeus is not really that easy to use. It relies on skills. You need fast hands in order to execute a good kill. But the thing that made him at fourth spot is his ultimate. This hero is an ultimate KS(kill steal) Machine! Here are Zeus’ skills:

  • 1st skill – Arc Lightning (Target Unit) – a bolt of lighting leaps through enemy units. This is basically what you will use to surely last hit enemy creeps.
  • 2nd skills –Lightning Bolt (Target Point/Target Unit) – Zeus calls down a bolt of lightning striking an enemy unit dealing damage and a mini-stun. This skill can also be used in dewarding and spotting invisible enemies.
  • 3rd skill – Static Field (Passive) – Whenever Zeus uses a spell, all nearby enemy is shocked causing damage proportional to their current health.
  • Ultimate – Thundergod’s Wrath (No Target) – this is the ultimate KS skill! Zeus strikes all the enemy heroes, visible or invisible, with a bolt of lightning. The way other used it is to steal a kill to their ally. They will patiently wait for the enemy heroes health to drop then using this skill to end the enemy hero and getting the kill. That is why I put this hero in this list.

Viper is also one of the most used heroes of all time. I can’t blame them and myself because this hero is so easy to use and you don't need much of clicking to deal great damage to your enemy. So here are Viper’s skills:

  • 1st skill – Poison Attack (Target Unit/Autocast) - Viper’s normal attack is intensified, slowing attack and movement speed of the enemies and dealing damage over time. Much like Traxex’s first skill, this skill consumes a large amount of Viper’s mana points.
  • 2nd skills – Nethertoxin (Target Area) – Viper scatters poison on an area dealing damage over time to enemy heroes.
  • 3rd skill – Corrosive Skin (Passive) – As Viper takes hit, the one dealt the attack is poisoned dealing damage over time and being slowed. This is one of the things that made Viper a formidable foe, as they deal damage to you they also deal damage to themsleves.
  • Ultimate – Viper Strike (Target Unit) – Viper slows the targeted enemy dealing damage over time and slowing its attack and movement speed.

Everyone will agree that one of the easiest hero in dota 2 is Sniper. You just need to take a seat in the back row, let them kill each other in the front and then you just need to snipe them down one by one. Easy peasy! Free hitting is the key in using Kardel. Because of his passive skill it is hard to come closer to Sniper. Here is the list of Sniper’s skills:

  • 1st skill – Shrapnel (Target Area) – Sniper launches a ball of shrapnel that showers explosive pellets in an area. This skill damages and slows the enemy movement.
  • 2nd skills – Headshot (Passive) – Kardel’s accuracy increases giving him a chance to deal extra damage and briefly stuns the enemy.
  • 3rd skill – Take Aim (Passive) – another passive skill that make Sniper a good hero. This skill extends the attack range of Sniper. This allows him to be at the back of the clash and dealing damage to every enemy hero without getting close to them.
  • Ultimate – Assassinate (Target Unit) – getting closer to Sniper is a hard feat but running away with him is harder with this skill. You always think that when you have a low health points, you should probably retreat. But with Kardel as your enemy, retreating is futile because this skill locks onto a target enemy unit and after a short duration it fires a shot dealing damage and mini-stuns the target.

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Wraith King sits at the top of this list, why? Because for me its a no brainer. He has high damage, has a life-steal, a great chance to hit critical damage, and lastly it has its ever useful ultimate. The only thing you need to click while using Ostarion is its stun! So here is the list of Wraith King’s skills:

  • 1st skill – Wraithfire Blast (Target Unit) – with a spectral fire, Wraithking sears an enemy dealing damage and stunning them. It also has damage over time and slows the enemy down.
  • 2nd skills – Vampiric Aura (Toggle/Aura) – Nearby units restore health depending on the damage they dealt.
  • 3rd skill – Mortal Strike (No Target/Passive) – Wraith King has a chance to deal bonus damage on attack. It also has the chance to kill non-player units instantly.
  • Ultimate – Reincarnation (Passive) – This skill allows Wraith King to resurrect, while resurrecting all enemy units are slowed.


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      11 months ago

      i think sniper is easier than wraith king. i just think beginners will like sniper more than wk


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