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How Not to Be a Noob in Dota 2

Updated on December 14, 2017
Ralph Castro profile image

I am a Dota, LoL, Mobile Legends, Ragnarok and Dragon Nest player. But I am not a Pro. I know I can play but I can't say I am a super good

A Guide for NOOBS and everyone, I guess.

This article is suppose to teach new dota players to not be a noob. But this article can also teach those old players not to act noob. So I think this article can hit two birds with one stone. So let's get started.

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Communication & Teamwork

"No man is an island"

"There is no "I" in team"

And a lot more quotable quotes to inspire a great team. In dota, that is also applicable. In order to defeat your enemy and win the game, number one priority is team work. You can not defeat a team consisting of 5 players with just yourself. That is why you play it as a team.

But to execute a great team work, you will need communication. Talking strategy, ideas, etc. to your team mates will make your team play effective. You will still be defeated if you don't talk to your team mates even if you fight five versus five. So communication plays a vital role in a great team work, thus winning you a game.

Last Hit and Deny

In order to progress to the game, you will need experience points and gold. Experience point is needed to level up in the game. The gold is needed to buy items, weapons, etc. In order to get experience points and gold, you will have to kill lane creeps, neutral creeps and enemy heroes, and as well destroying enemy's towers and barracks.

In laning, it is crucial to always to last hit every creep. It will give you additional bounty when you last hit a creep. Denying, in the other hand, will prevent your enemy hero to get that bounty and the experience point that he will get will be lessen. Take note that an allied unit can be denied when it's health points fall below 50%. Also, Allied heroes can also be denied but there are conditions needed for them to be denied, and they are as follows:

A. A hero under 25% health which is under the following spells can be denied:

  1. Doom's Doom
  2. Queen of Pain's Shadow Strike
  3. Venomancer's Venomous Gale

B. During Phoenix's Supernova, you can deny it if the sun is below 50% health.

C. Denying one's self is also applicable to this heroes:

  1. Techies' Blastoff
  2. Pudge's Rot
  3. Alchemist's Unstable Concoction
  4. Abaddon's Mist Coil
  5. Pugna's Life Drain (cast on an ally)
  6. Heroes with Bloodstone (using pocket deny)

D. There is also the possibility to deny allied heroes using some abilities

  1. Centaur Warrunner's Return
  2. Chen's Holy Persuasion, Enchantress's Enchant, Lifestealer's Control and Helm of Dominator's Dominate can be used on enemy ranged unit to deny allied hero
  3. Vengeful Spirit's Vengance Aura's Illusion can also use to deny friendly units

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Know Your Role!

There are different roles to partake in the game of dota. Knowing your role will be a good help in creating a well-rounded team, thus creating a good game and can make you win the game. The following are the roles listed in the games.

  • Carry - this is the one whom has the responsibility to win your game. They are basically the "late game" heroes. They are somewhat useless at early games and needs to farm for items to be reliable. Carries are dependent on items so early farming and giving them the kills can benefit both the hero and the team.
  • Nuker - this heroes have a high damaging spells or skills. This hero is the one that gives your enemy hero a hard time during ganks, because it will give an advantage in killing the enemy before it can retaliate. Some nuker became semi-carry but they become ineffective during late game since most of the enemy heroes have farmed items to counter the nuker.
  • Initiator - from the word itself, this hero initiates the team fight. This hero usually has strong area of effect damage, disables, etc. Most people think that initiator is supposed to be durable, but that is not always the case.
  • Disabler - this hero has ability that can stun, hex, slow or silence, single hero or in an area of effect. They can act as an initiator. Disabler should efficient and effective in using their skills. Most disabler's skills should be saved for a large scale fight.
  • Durable - this hero is also known as Tank. This hero has the capacity to withstand large amount of incoming damage from the enemy. This hero is often to has the highest amount of health points, health regeneration, armor and magic resistance. That is why oftentimes, Tank heroes are used as initiator. Also, this hero has the ability to lessen damage, avoid the damage completely, or weaken the power of the enemy. Most Strength heroes are tanks because their primary attribute is Strength which increase health points.
  • Escape - these heroes have some ability to escape from the fight - to either blink out, jump out, become invisible, increase evasion and the likes. Most of this heroes are suitable for offlaning.
  • Support - this hero helps the carry to farm fast and keeps it alive. Most of the support heroes have healing and / or disable skills. This hero is the opposite of carry, because support are not that dependent in items. Their main role is to provide healing and buy the courier and wards.
  • Pusher - these heroes are focused on pushing lanes. They can destroy enemy towers and barracks in an instant. Most pusher have the ability to summon creeps, fortify creeps and have a high amount of damage.
  • Jungler - this hero can farm in the jungle at an early stage of the game. This allows to have two solo lanes in your team thus farming faster. Most jungler have the ability to summon creep, durable, etc.


The name Dota is and abbreviation of Defense of the Ancients. Does it sounds clear to you now? The game's primary objective is defend your ancient and destroy your enemy's. But sometimes, some players only focus on killing or hunting the enemies down, while forgetting the sole purpose of the game. When you think you need to have a high number of kills in the game, that is actually not right at all. Yes, you need to kill your enemies to have the advantage in the game. But the thing is that some players only focus on killing the enemies. While they are busy hunting down enemy heroes some of the enemy are split pushing lanes. Thus, making them lose the game.

In this game of strategy and tactics, you cannot lose sight of the real objective. Yes, you can have as many kills as you want, but never forget to push while the enemies are not yet spawning. "Kill then push" strategy works without a doubt.


Lastly, all I can say is to enjoy the game. Don't act so stupid for letting you feel down when you lose the game because of your "idiot" team mates. Also, don't give in to those "trashtalks" that your enemies are throwing to you. If you let that into your head you may lose focus and starts to cram making you lose the game. So in this game of high toxicity, don't forget to calm down every minute. Just enjoy! At the end of the day, this is just a game. A game where you used up all your allowances to buy cosmetic items, to pay for the bills in the computer shop; wasted time just to have a high MMR! SO YEAH! THIS GAME IS SO STRESSFUL! SO DON'T F*** THIS S*** UP! YOU MOTH** F*****! NOOB!


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    • profile image

      nikki 3 months ago

      im a noob. i need this. i badly needed this

    • Coffeequeeen profile image

      Louise Powles 3 months ago from Norfolk, England

      This sounds like an interesting game. I've not played this one before.