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10 Interesting Inventions - For Drinking Entertainment

Updated on July 11, 2018

We have all come across interesting and unusual inventions that make life a little more fun and easier.

This list includes a selection of unique inventions and gadgets that are used in the drinking environment. Though alcohol is not a necessary ingredient, it does compliment the product better. These products were designed for the adventurous drinking individual and as such could be used with party-like gatherings.


Das Boot

Yes this glass beer boot has been a hit ever since the film Beerfest featured it in 2006. It is not for the faint-hearted drinker as the glass can hold 2 litres of beer, but other bigger and smaller variations are also produced. Standing 30 inches in length it is not easy to make such a boot shaped glass and it is not as easy to down the entire glass as you would a normal glass. It is said that there is a trick to drinking the beer quickly. One thing is for sure though, this glass is a conversation starter.

Cruzin Cooler

So you want to have a few drinks with your friends around the block but being the lazy person that you are, you don't want to walk all the way carrying a cooler. There is a perfect solution and it's called the Cruzin Cooler which is basically a combination of a scooter and cooler box. Creator Kevin Beal had the same problem when he went to an Indie 500 event and then got the idea. There are electric and gas powered versions and it can hold up to 300 lbs including the driver to reach 15 mph. It can store food or 24 cans plus ice (whichever you prefer) to keep cool and optional extras include extra cooler boxes that can be hooked up like trailers. And since we are all responsible just remember not to drink and drive.

Bottoms Up Beer Dispenser

When you are having a great time with your mates and drinking beer, waiting in line for a refill can be very annoying and could lead to a pub brawl. GrinOn wants everybody to just have a good time and has created the Bottoms Up Beer Dispensing machine. It dispenses beer nine times faster than traditional beer taps through the bottom of the Bottoms Up Cups you require that uses a simple magnet system. GrinOn are launching a home version in 2013 and while you might not worry about waiting a few seconds more at home for a beer, it can create a buzz to see the beers filling up without pouring in.

Source: Shoot A Brew
Source: Shoot A Brew

Shoot A Brew

Many of us have experienced the situation where no one wants to get up to fetch the next round of drinks from the cooler. Shoot A Brew caters for just that laziness. Throw in some beers, fill up with ice and you have a beer launching device that chucks you a beer from 8 feet away at the touch of a button. You won't have to get up from the chair or leave the pool to get everyone a round of beer. It holds 24 cans and reloads in 2 seconds so you can just use a waterproof remote control to launch a beer. If this doesn't get the nod of approval from your friends, you need new friends.

Martini glass Ice Luge. Source:
Martini glass Ice Luge. Source:

Ice Luge

Now this is a creation that is usually the centre piece of the party. It is a large block of ice with a narrow channel carved through it. You simply pour your drink/beverage in at the top and it comes out chilled at the bottom. You can then catch it with your mouth or a glass at the bottom, but that is entirely up to you. There are many possibilities for carving the ice into different shapes and the channel can even take twists and turns through the centre of the block by using funnel tubes. A funnel with a presence makes the ice luge a great addition to any party.


Flask with Funnel

There is no substitute for an old classic flask, but this one has a twist with a stylish funnel included. For the more sophisticated liquor consumer it is a stylish intro to a conversation and who doesn't like to sneak in a shot at any given place? You can find this and more cool products online here.

Air Pong Table

An innovation to play the infamous beer pong game anywhere you like. It is an inflatable beer pong table that includes 2 beer pong racks for standard sized cups as well as water cup and discard cup holders built into it. It is 7 feet in length and includes 4 grommet loops to tie down or hang the air pong table. If you are catering for a crowd that are into drinking games, then this might just be a game changing idea for pool parties.


Gas Pump Liquid Dispenser

If pouring your drink from the bottle is too mainstream you could go for an interesting retro look and pour it from a liquid dispenser shaped like a gas pump. Your friends will now enjoy pouring themselves a drink which takes a lot off your hands. Especially when you need to keep tabs on all your guests. It can contain 32oz and has a tarnish resistant silver-plated finish and is labelled "high octane, contains alcohol".

Beer Bong Funnel

Probably one of the most classic of drinking accessories. Easy to make yourself and known to all who have been to parties in their youth. It consists of a funnel connected to a tube with a valve at the bottom. A drink is poured into the funnel and the drinker can use the tap to start and stop. A simple contraption to add some more dimension to your parties.


Solar Coasters

Just one more way to bring something unique to the party. These drinks coasters collect energy from the sun and lights up when you rest your drink on them. Fully charged, they can illuminate your drink for 6 hours with its colour changing LED. It can be great to set the mood outside.


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