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10 Interesting Inventions - For Lighting

Updated on June 4, 2014

We have all come across interesting and unusual inventions that make life a little more fun and easier.

This list includes a selection of unique and unusual methods of lighting. These lights and lamps have passed the criteria for 'indoor out of the ordinary and cool lighting'. While some of these have great methods of switching on and off, others are designed to look completely unique.


Senzo Night Light

At night when you don't have the lights on, you usually feel for the wall to guide you to the door or light switch. That is the inspiration for this light that is fitted 80cm above the wall. This makes it accessible for both adults and children. You simply walk past touching the tube and a soft light follows your touch. As an added feature the Enzo lights up during power cuts, using battery power.



Now water doesn't just give life but light as well. This light called the WAT harnesses the power of water to light up a series of LED strips. Adding some water creates a stellar electro chemical reaction from a hydroelectric battery with a magnesium coated carbon stick. Simply put the WAT gives a new meaning to green light.

Ivy Light. Source: red dot
Ivy Light. Source: red dot

Ivy Light

Similar to a vine growing on the wall, the Ivy Light uses the stiffened cord as its body and can be bent into any shape imaginable. In addition the lamp head can also rotate 180 degrees allowing the light to illuminate from any angle. So use this light to crawl up walls or over furniture and take away the fuss of tangled cords.

Draw the Lights. Source: Yanko Design
Draw the Lights. Source: Yanko Design

Draw The Lights

A great innovation by Seo Dong-Hun, allows you to customize the light on the ceiling to where you want it. The entire ceiling is composed of a network of energy efficient LED lights and sensors that are controlled by a light wand. This allows you to simply 'draw' the light where you want it in any pattern you like. The light type and colour can be selected to bring in a vast amount of possibilities, so let your imagination run wild with your next party.

Huey. Source: ThinkGeek
Huey. Source: ThinkGeek

Huey Chameleon Lamp

Copying a colour and emitting it in the room is what this cool gadget does. If you place Huey on a blue surface, it will copy that colour and before you know it you have a blue light emitting from this chameleon shaped lamp. It works by lighting up the surface beneath it with two white LEDs and an optic sensor determines the colour of the surface. The colour is then matched by changing the shades of a few multi-coloured LEDs under its skin. If you would like to keep the colour you squeeze Huey and it keeps that colour even if you put it on another surface. There is a colour cycle mode as well and if it lights up with the one you want you can squeeze it to keep that colour. You can just imagine the fun with this nifty portable gadget.


Dreamlights Fireflies in a Jar

The firefly effect is one that can be very calm and friendly. This frosted glass lantern contains LEDs that flicker and throb just like real fireflies. The jar is solar powered and turns on in the night or if you shake it. This lantern can be just the thing to create the best summer evening atmosphere.

Source: ThinkGeek
Source: ThinkGeek

Credit Card Light Bulb

A unique invention that allows you to carry light around in your wallet. It has the credit card shape and it's just a little thicker than one meaning it can fit in easily. A battery powers the two small LEDs that spread their light through a mould of plastic to illuminate the room with a glow. Flip up the bulb shaped cut-out to switch it on and the remaining card serves as a stand.

Source: ThinkGeek
Source: ThinkGeek

LED Blow On-Off Candles

LEDs have opened up a heap of possibilities for lighting and this product is just another example. A fusion of LEDs and wax has delivered this electronic candle. Just like a real candle but without the dripping wax or the fear of fire makes it a worthy substitute. To turn the light off you simply blow out the candle and then give it another blow to turn it on again. Two colours to choose from means you can get the ambient blue or the lively red that will keep on burning for 300 hours.


Question Block Lamp

Everyone knows Super Mario and this question block lamp is just the vintage style Mario outfit a room in your house could wear. The lamp is lit with energy efficient LEDs and is very bright. It is suspended from the ceiling and touch sensitive so you can practice your Mario jump-punch (just don't punch it too hard). It even makes the coin sound and after 8 touches you get the '1-UP' as well. How brilliant is that?

Source: TechCinema
Source: TechCinema

NEC Integrated Light and Speaker

NED have used Bluetooth technology to help you control their LED light and speaker fusion with your smartphone. The phone uses an app to connect you to the light and the speaker. You are then able to control the light or stream music to the speaker. What is really cool is that you can synchronize the light and speaker. Light dancing to the tunes on your phone makes for a fair party piece.


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