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10 Things I don’t like about Starcraft II

Updated on January 7, 2014

Some unlike-ables in the best-selling RTSC game

Don’t get me wrong. Starcraft2 is a really good game. Gamers and Fans have been waiting for the release of the sequel to one of the most popular RTSC back in 2000. First rumored to be released on October 2008, the game caught more fans as it was developed. Starcraft2 has some really good graphics, physics engine, game-play and story. However, there are some things that a fan like I am, wish that was in Starcraft2. Or in other words, there are some things I wish were different in the game.

1. The wraith cannot be used in multiplayer. The wraith is un-buildable in the multiplayer mode of Starcraft2. For those who had not seen Starcraft, the wraith is the icon used for the executable file in Starcraft. Even after an expansion and a lot of patches, they still use the wraith as an Icon. It is, sort of, a trademark of the Terrans. And now in Starcraft2, it’s gone from the multiplayer. There goes Terrans’ air superiority figher.

2. The wraith is weaker in campaign mode. Remember the good old days when you can just build six wraiths an raid the overlords of a nearby Zerg base? Not do-able in Starcraft2. Except of course they don’t have air defenses. From an air-to-air damage of 20, it drops to 10 in Starcraft2. The wraith even moves slower and it is more expensive – 50 vespene gas more expensive.

3. The Hyperion is not playable in the campaign. The Hyperion only appears in the last part of the third mission in Starcraft2. And you won’t even get to control it. Back in Starcraft, you can control the Hyperion and many other heroes in the game. It would be nice to be able to use the Hyperion in combat.

4. Where’d the Battery Charger go?! When I was playing campaign mode in Starcraft2, I got to a part where Raynor gets to re-live the memories of Zeratul. You get to play Protoss units here. So I got to a part where I can build structures then I noticed something was missing in my base – The battery Charger. In Starcraft, it was Protoss’ building for recharging shields really fast. It is very useful when using units with massive shield points like the Carrier. You can pretty much Raid-Recharge-Raid-Recharge or Defend-Recharge-Defend-Recharge back in Starcraft. Now you got to wait until the shields recharges by itself.

5. The Terran Theme Music is gone. I don’t know the title (I think it does not have a title) but Lithium Dawn made a cover for that Music Theme called “Terraforming.” It’s a really good rock rendition of the soundtrack. It would be nice if that soundtrack was included as background music when playing Terran. Echoes of war made a good job re-making the soundtrack but I think Lithium Dawn’s version is better.

6. The Turtle Shell is Broken. In Starcraft, Terrans have the tendency to “Turtle-up.” Terrans are very good defenders. They have Siege tanks, Valkyries, Goliaths and Wraiths – just about everything you need to stave off a huge Zerg wave. All you need (from my experience) is 10 siege tanks and about four bunkers to defend a flank from ground attack. But for some reason, in Starcraft2, even if you have 15 tanks and six bunkers, they will get through. Maybe it’s because of the other race’s units or harder AI, it could be stronger air-to-ground units of Zerg (as they can easily take out the tanks) or it could be a whole lot of other stuff but I really like to just fortify a flank, sit back and watch, without moving – juust staring, for fifteen minutes or more as those tanks rip the guts out of those zerglings and hydralisks.

7. There are only three pre-rendered Cinematics. In Starcraft all was pre-rendered and back then all looked realistic. Yep, I played Starcraft again last month and as I watch the cinematics, I couldn’t help but wonder how I thought that was realistic about 14 years ago. Thirty missions and there are only three pre-rendered cinematics. One is about new-gettysburg as Kerrigan was betrayed by Mengsk. The other is about Zeratul searching for something then fights Kerrigan. And the last one is the Epilogue Cinematic. The rest of the cinematics will depend on your GPU to render. So, the better your GPU the better it will look. Not all have a high-end GPU, especially lap-top users. I hope that in Heart of the Swarm, they’ll make a lot more Pre-rendered Cinematics.

8. The Phoenix. Yes, the Protoss Phoenix – I don’t like it. It looks cool but if you compare it with a Starcraft Protoss Scout (yeah, the old one). It will turn into Protoss junk in seconds. It’s a dedicated anti-air fighter that isn’t as powerful as anti-matter missiles from a Scout.

9. Warp Field Stabilized. The Mothership is powerful but it would be nice to have the Arbiter again. Of course, the game would be imbalanced if Blizzard did that or maybe at least in the campaign mode. That’s one of my favorite Protoss units. Just get one in the middle of your enemy’s base then recall the rest of the fleet. You can do that with the mother ship if the defenses are thin. The perfect infiltration combo: Corsair (use the disruption field to disable air defenses), Arbiter (static field to disable other units unaffected by the disruption field), High templar (illusions, to divert fire), then once the Arbiter is in the middle of the base recall your dark templars and carriers.

10. We used to Dominate the Skies. Terrans used to be powerful in the air because of the Wraiths and Battle Cruisers. Now they aren’t as much threat in the air as before. Terran’s air-to-air fighter in Starcraft2 is the Viking which is as bulky as the Valkyrie but not as much armored. The Viking can be taken down easily like the Wraith but it has less firepower and no cloaking device and no air-to-ground attack capabilities. Unless you switch modes which then will expose your Viking to a lot of angry zerglings.

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Rate how much you liked Starcraft 2

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    • leakeem profile image

      leakeem 5 years ago from Earth

      Thanks! I finally got around putting my dislike into words after playing the campaign twice.

    • JohnGreasyGamer profile image

      John Roberts 5 years ago from South Yorkshire, England

      Gotta admit, at least these are 10 legit reasons to dislike the game. I've heard so many rants and "Top things that let this game down", and they just seem like petty gripes. But here you've got some good ones. I haven't got round to playing this game yet but I'll have to give it a try.

      Voted up and interesting ^^