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10 of the worlds zaniest collections

Updated on May 19, 2013

Good old Guinness..

I found myself browsing the website for the Guinness Book of World Records the other day for the first time. I knew it was out there, but the last time I thought to look them up, I went to the library not bing search.

After spending a few minutes browsing their records and dreaming of what sort of record I might possibly be able to make or break within the next few years, I found myself amazed at some of the weird, wonderful and zaney collections of record breakers and makers officially in the books.

After checking out them all, it seemed like an interesting idea to decide which 10 were the top 10 weirdest or most interesting collections in the records, so that I could share them with readers like you.

Rubber Ducks

There is a sweet woman in Huntington Beach with one of the world's weirdest collection - Rubber Ducks.

At the time (4.10.2011) that Guinness recorded her collection into their book of world records, she had 5,631 different rubber ducks. She is literally able to swim in all the little rubber fowl she has amassed over time.

The ducky woman who started this collection in 1996 is named Charlotte Lee, an assistant professor at the University of Washington. She says that she started her rubber duckie collection when a few friends noticed the few she had in her bathroom and started buying her more as gifts. Before her husband knew it, they were swimming in rubber ducklings. Charlotte has so many of them now, that she has dedicated her entire basement to storing them.

Gnomes and Pixies

Ann Atkin of the United Kingdom is the owner of the world's largest Gnome and Pixie collection. With 2,024 of those magickal little things all over her home, Ann can certainly say her life is filled with magic. Guinness's book of world records agrees, which is why she currently holds the crown for the collection she started way back in 1979.

After her 2011 entrance into the book of world records, Ann created a website to advertise her Gnome Reserve, the home of all of her pixies, gnomes and other fairytale creatures.

Traffic cones

Mr. David Morgan holds the heavy weight title in Traffic Cones with his collection of over 137 different traffic cones. He's also proud about the fact that he has nearly all the different types that have ever been made.

Talk about a Cone Head!

Sick Bags

When thinking about sick (as in extraordinary) collections, I'm reminded of Niek Vermeulen's 6,016 airline sickness bags, collected from all over the world.

77 year old Niek found a passion for collecting Barf Bags after he and his friend made a bet to see who could collect the most of any one type of item. Niek happened to be writting down some financial thoughts on one of these vomit bags while flying in for a business meeting, and that's when it the storm began to brew.

Now not only does he hold the title as world record owner of the most vomit bags, he also has a record for the most "bags" in general. I suppose once you go bag, you never go back.

Out of all the bags he's collected from more than 160 countries and over 2000 airlines, Niek says his list of favorites includes a barf bag from a NASA space shuttle that spent a whole 16 days in orbit.




I don't know about you, but I'm almost kind of disturbed by the pictures of this collection. All those beatle-black troll eyes kind of seem to be staring right at you, don't they? (shiver)

It certainly doesn't seem to bother Sophie Hill at all though. Creepy, cute or whatever you might think of it, this collection over 570 little troll dolls (watch out MiMi Bobeck!).

Sophie is just 13 years old and has been collecting trolls since she was a small child when her older brother bought her a little troll doll for her birthday. Ever since she has been obsessed with finding more dolls to add to her collection, which has earned her the right to beat her own records several times already.

Now, even though young Sophie (aged 13 at the time) had started her collection when she was little, it wasn't until 2009 when she first got logged into the great book of records, after she saw a young boy who had been recorded as having the most of another kind of toy. At the time she had 470 troll dolls and wondered if she might already be a record setter. Guinness immediately took down her info and she has yet to be beat in her queenlinghood of troll dolls.


In 1999 Tony De Santis of Italy was logged in the books as the biggest joker collection owner. To be clear, we're talking about the playing card jokers that are usually thrown out of the deck or otherwise used as wild cards.

Tony has more than 8,520 Joker cards, figurines and memorabilia, and many of them are the rarest joker cards in the world.

Autographed Drumsticks

New York's own Peter Lavinger started his drumstick collection back in 1980 and caught up with the record books by in February of 1999. Peter says his autographed drumsticks are more than just a cool collection, their a chronological time machine of his life, which also happens to provide a pretty convenient alibi if he should ever need one in the future...

More than 1,300 of his have been played and/or signed by famous drummers like Ringo Starr.

Cow Related Items

More than 2,429 cow "stuff" earn Denise Tubangui the title of owner of the worlds largest collection of cow-related items. Out of all the items she started collecting in 1999, her favorite is said to be a life sized cow calf which was given to her by a few very amused neighbors.

Matchstick instruments

In all honesty, I had no idea anyone made anything other than strange little houses out of matchsticks. Though it's nice to know the old proverb is still true, you learn something new everyday.

20-year old Djordje Balac just so happens to be the champion of this world record with his very own collection of instruments made from matchsticks. Unlike many of his fellow title holders, Tony Hall only had to amass a whopping TEN (10) matchstick instruments to achieve beat the official world record.


Believe it or not, the person deemed to have the most tattoos in the world is named "Lucky Diamond Rich". His given name at birth was "Gregory", and he was born in 1971. Even as a kid, Lucky was interested in men and women who had a lot of tattoos, though he never really had any intention of going as far as he did, until he got his first juggling club tattoo, and by the time it was over, he was hooked.

Lucky has gone as far as to get what's being called "mulit-layered tattoos", and they cover every inch of skin he has, including his inner eyelids, lips and the inner side of his foreskin.

He covered every inch of his skin until there was no more "negative space" and then began having more tattoos placed over the old ones. Now that he is nearly completely gray-blue with tattoos, he's started on some white tattoos that nicely layer on top of his old ones, and he has no plans to stop getting tattooed any time soon.

Have you ever thought of beating or breaking a world record?

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  • Diana Grant profile image

    Diana Grant 

    5 years ago from London

    Well, there's no accounting for taste, is there? I am now featuring this hub on - hope that's OK - I do enjoy your subject matter.

  • BizGenGirl profile imageAUTHOR


    6 years ago from Lake Stevens

    Definitely MsDora! Glad you liked it.

  • MsDora profile image

    Dora Weithers 

    6 years ago from The Caribbean

    Well, BizGen. Here's the proof that it take all kind of people to make a world. the Matchstick instruments interest the most. Thanks for doing and presenting the research.


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