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Father and son playing old school video games together

Updated on October 28, 2014

Howie and I tackling old school video games from classic systems like the Sega Genesis and the SNES. We are having a blast playing these retro video games

My son and I will be playing vintage old video games together from systems like the SNES and Sega Genesis. I'm 33 and he's 7, now we are 37 and 11 as of this update, so this should be a lot of fun. This lens will be continuously evolving and will try to keep updated on a fairly regular basis. I want to start with some easier games and work up to more challenging ones. We'll try different skill levels, post photos and tell you how we did. We are going to tackle some of my favorite games 1 at a time. Wish my son and I luck on partnering up and winning the games. Will keep everyone updated.

All photos pictured were taken by me.

Son playing Dune.
Son playing Dune. | Source

Games I will/or am currently undertaking with my son (suggestions are always welcome)

MAY 27th 2008: WE BEAT GOLDEN AXE 2. Photos coming within a few days. I was Tyris Flame and Howie was Ax Battler and we played using normal difficulty. I used 1 continue and let him use 2. Misplaced the Golden Axe 1 game but will find.

June 21: Howie's been playing World's Greatest Heavyweights and should be finished with it soon. Found our Golden Axe 1 game. After he's finished with his boxing game, we'll tackle Golden Axe 1 in the future, and then the Turtles game for the Super Nintendo.

July 28: We beat the TMNT game, Turtle in Time for the SNES in normal difficulty mode. It took us a long time because a few times just one of us would win. We would fight Shredder and one of us would die, but finally we both won together.

Aug 24: Howie and I took turns playing World's Greatest Heavyweights and have beaten that a few times. I have no problem winning the Sega game but Howie can't get past Larry Holmes in the final rounds so I fought him and Howie fought all the rest.

September/October Project: Playing Off Road Challenge for N64, we'll each try to win in 1 player mode. Update: I have beaten it but Howie can't quite beat it because he's gotten tired of it, so we'll put it on the back burner for awhile.

October: Both Howie and I have played Mario Kart for the N64, won many championships/Gold Cups. He's actually better at the game than I am.

March 2009 Project: I am going to play Dune the Battle for Arrakis with Howie. This is a one player game but I will supervise and give advice. My favorite game of all time and Howie likes it. I personally don't think we'll get past the 5th level or so with him at the helm but winning isn't everything. EDIT: Together we have just completed level 7 using House Atreides. He played the first 3 levels all by himself. The 4-7 I started him out and when I had established a firm base with the necessary turrets, etc, I let him take control and attack the necessary bases.

May: Finally won Golden Axe, not to be confused with our previous win of Golden Axe 2. We had beaten it on easy but finally were able for both of us to win the game together.

June 2009 : Won Dune the Battle for Arrakis using House Atreides. Posting photos. Howie loves Dune like me and also plays Dune 2000 on the PS2 though it is a PS1 game. Way to go Howie. He beat the 8th and 9th level by himself. Previously I had helped him. I was there for advice and moral support.

October 2009: Howie and I beat the NES game TMNT 3 The Manhattan Project. It took a long time for us to be able to beat this game.

May 2010: Howie and I beat Street of Rage for the Sega Genesis.

October 2011: Not playing as much as before due to Howie having more schoolwork. Been playing a lot of N64 games in 2 player modes. He's been thrasing me in games such as 007 and Perfect Dark.

Feb 2013: We have beaten a pretty easy game. Chip n Dale Rescue Rangers on the NES. We had a lot of fun though and that is what it is all about.

Jan 2014: Long times since update but Super Mario Bros and Super Mario 2 have been conquered. Playing Super Bomberman recently and having a blast with it. I forgot how much fun Super Bomberman 1 and 2 were.

Favorite genre of game

What is your favorite genre of game?

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Golden Axe Photos where Howie and I won

Click thumbnail to view full-size
The Game Cartridge Golden Axe 2Our difficulty setting and controller setup1st level of the game where we just startedLast FightOur scoreThe End
The Game Cartridge Golden Axe 2
The Game Cartridge Golden Axe 2
Our difficulty setting and controller setup
Our difficulty setting and controller setup
1st level of the game where we just started
1st level of the game where we just started
Last Fight
Last Fight
Our score
Our score
The End
The End
Golden Axe - Sega Genesis
Golden Axe - Sega Genesis

Awesome classic. Have played it many times.


I love Golden Axe so some Golden Axe games

Golden Axe: Beast Rider - Xbox 360
Golden Axe: Beast Rider - Xbox 360

We own this game and though it's good I like the older ones better.


Dune the Battle For Arrakis

Click thumbnail to view full-size
Level StatsPassword for last level we earnedVictoryThe EndMore Credits
Level Stats
Level Stats
Password for last level we earned
Password for last level we earned
The End
The End
More Credits
More Credits

Megaman vs. Samus, who'd win?

Voice your opinion!

I want people to vote on their choice if there was a battle between Mega Man and Samus, who'd end up victorious? I say Samus, Howie thinks Mega Man. It was his idea so at his request, thought I would make a poll for him.

Mega Man

Mega Man

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    • MissRubyStars 3 years ago

      I don't know who Mega Man is but if the little guy votes for Mega Man then I will too!

    • LauraCarExpert 4 years ago

      Mega man for sure, he'd just take Samus' power ups for his own.

    • bertglo 4 years ago

      old megaman fan lol

    • Unchain3dAuthor 4 years ago

      Megaman lol but I am surely being bias here....(see my pic)

    • anonymous 4 years ago


    • TwistedWiseman 5 years ago

      Mega Man I SAY! Feel the POWA!

    • biggking lm 5 years ago

      good old father son bonding

    • jadehorseshoe 5 years ago

      Mega Man

    • Steve Jones 5 years ago from Birmingham UK

      Old school gaming rocks. Gimme a Commodore 64 over an XBOX any day

    • gilwilson 5 years ago

      Mega Man, he's got a larger variety of weapons

    • TeddySteele1 6 years ago

      Mega Man would so win. First of all Samus is a girl *ducks all the debris and death stares from the girlies*. Secondly, Mega Man would just take her weapons and beat her with them like he always does :P

    • shincyriades 6 years ago

      Hard choice because it's hard to say who has more technology but I gotta go with the Blue Bomber.

    • stefanruse 6 years ago


    • sneakerz 7 years ago

      Megaman by far! Samus was ok, even though he did have some cool gadgetry. When Rush the dog came in Megaman, it was all of the best NES games ever!

    • katesale 8 years ago

      I played Megaman X on the SNES and like the game but have never played any Samus game.

    • anonymous 8 years ago

      mega man kick her ass

    • lovebug1 8 years ago

      Megaman is pretty cool. Both are cool but if one had to knock off the other, I hope Mega Man would be the one left standing.

    • blujayer35 8 years ago

      Never underestimate MEgaman. He's so cute.


      0 of 8192 characters used
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      • sethandressen 3 years ago


      • Avery Miller 4 years ago from USA

        Samus, yes!

      • senterprises 4 years ago

        Samus is one bad chick.

      • neoglitch17 4 years ago

        Samus would turn Megaman into a pile of nuts and bolts in no time!

      • leslyfly 4 years ago


      • huntinggamesonline 5 years ago

        I can't wait till our little boy is old enough to play some video games. I fully intend on kicking his butt in some baseball, Madden and COD. (if those titles are still around in 10 years time)

      • Edutopia 5 years ago

        Samus would win just because of the technological advantage.

      • shanktoofs123 5 years ago

        Samus would win only because Megaman can only defeat men (ex: gutsman, cutman, etc ... whens the last time he beat Rolls dopey ass around)

      • wowarena 5 years ago

        i select samus , i played it after buy wow gold its thrilling

      • fiercerulingdiva 5 years ago

        Samus...because she's a girl ;)

      • anonymous 6 years ago

        I'm gonna go with Samus on this one;but to be honest I think it's a tough decision.I like Samus better,but Mega Man is AWFULLY fast!LOL!

      • TylerM80 8 years ago


      • juanhdz 8 years ago


      • carrie75d 8 years ago

        You don't specify which Samus so I'll choose Samus Aran, love that girl.

      • judyblo 8 years ago

        Samus would own Megaman. Better firepower and just overall more awesome.

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      Reader Feedback

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        • bertglo profile image

          bertglo 4 years ago

          Playing games with your kid is the secret to staying young....keep it up and you will have a friend for life.

        • profile image

          gr82batnvol 4 years ago

          Awesome. Good quality time with your son. He'll think you are a cool dad. Nice lens.

        • profile image

          anonymous 4 years ago

          fun games

        • profile image

          neoglitch17 4 years ago

          Some two-player gaming suggestions for you guys:

          - Battletoads vs Double Dragon (SNES)

          - Disney's Magical Quest starring Mickey and Minnie (SNES)

          - Kirby Super Star (SNES)

          - SSBB: The Subspace Emissary (Wii)

          Have you ever thought about doing Let's Plays on YouTube? :D

        • Rimosin profile image

          Rimosin 4 years ago

          Awesome! I wish my dad encouraged me to play video games, yet alone with him! Cool lens!

        • profile image

          Unchain3dAuthor 4 years ago

          Awesome idea for a lens, and awesome idea all together! I don't have a son yet but I am actually currently building a huge library of video games for him to play in the future. Gotta keep the classics alive somehow! Hopefully we can go through them together like you and Howard. Beautiful just beautiful. Peace and happiness to you both.

        • profile image

          yukaeil 4 years ago

          nice lens

        • profile image

          bender2003 4 years ago

          Hi Howard I like your lens and remember those oldies which we used to play gamewatches etc.


        • TwistedWiseman profile image

          TwistedWiseman 5 years ago

          Can't wait till I get the chance to educate my child in the way of the GAMER!

        • LewesDE profile image

          LewesDE 5 years ago

          Awesome lens!

        • profile image

          Edutopia 5 years ago

          You are going to start running into this issue soon: The internal batteries in the cartridges that powers the save files will be dying soon and you'll have to replace them.

        • profile image

          Adrijan 5 years ago

          Great lens

        • GhostMan LM profile image

          GhostMan LM 5 years ago

          Great lens! I do the same thing with my son.

        • jadehorseshoe profile image

          jadehorseshoe 5 years ago

          Fun and Useful Lens.

        • studyaids profile image

          Steve Jones 5 years ago from Birmingham UK

          A fantastic lens. Thanks !

        • profile image

          TeddySteele1 6 years ago

          Oh how I love talking video games, especially the old ones :)

        • profile image

          turtlain1993 6 years ago

          Hey this is a wonderful lens you have here. I'm glad you get to have fun with your son playing video games. By the way could you help me out I need to get 20 Likes to get my lens started. Thanks ahead of time.

        • profile image

          anonymous 6 years ago

          What a great way to spend some quality time with your son, I like the old video games and the new ones. I still play video games and am not ashamed to admit it...giggle. PS2, Nintendo, Sega Genesis, and uh even Atari...awesome lens!

        • profile image

          anonymous 6 years ago

          What a great lens! It reminds me of when my son and I would play together when he was a toddler.He would sit on my lap,and I would hold the Playstation controller while he pushed the buttons.Good times,good times.....

        • davidangel profile image

          davidangel 6 years ago

          Yeah, I'm the Pokemon Puzzlemaster! However, my daughter kicks my puzzlemaster buttocks at Mariocart. I play the princess... I mean BOWSER... yeah, that's me, big tough Bowser.

        • shincyriades profile image

          shincyriades 6 years ago

          Love this lens and it sounds like a great father son project. Reliving memories of yesteryear while showing the good old games to the new generation. Man that was what gameplay was all about. I have a lens of my own about the classic Neo Geo arcade system, let me know if you want to collaborate :)

        • retro-gamer profile image

          Howard 6 years ago from Michigan

          @squidoopets: Hi Darcie, no we haven't played that game. I haven't purchased many games recently, they get expensive, lol but do have a few older Pokemon games. I do a lot of game buying during garage sale season.

        • squidoopets profile image

          Darcie French 6 years ago from Abbotsford, BC

          Hi Howard, have you and your son tried Pokemon Puzzle league for nintendo? Our family has had the game more than once- even I played it for awhile. My hubby Dave is a crazy whiz on the game!

        • stefanruse profile image

          stefanruse 6 years ago

          Very well done. Keep doing great job.

        • ajgodinho profile image

          Anthony Godinho 6 years ago from Ontario, Canada

          Great idea for a lens and way of doing it together with your son. This will be sort of a journal when you look back. Seasonâs greetings and the best for the New Year! **Blessed by a Squid-Angel**

        • profile image

          anonymous 6 years ago


        • darciefrench lm profile image

          darciefrench lm 6 years ago

          Lensrolled to Friends of Gamers -:)

        • profile image

          outsource123 6 years ago

          Great lense guys!

        • profile image

          dianehoward 6 years ago

          Great lens you have here mate! Just liked it. If you're looking for Free PSN card, check out my lens! ;)

        • ImmatureEntrepr profile image

          ImmatureEntrepr 6 years ago

          Very cool idea for a lens. It's a great feeling to be able to share the same magic of those old school games with kids.

        • retro-gamer profile image

          Howard 7 years ago from Michigan

          Back from vacation.

        • profile image

          Atari75 7 years ago

          Liked your game pages. Now how about some Atari games for you guys to play, that would be so old school. Thanks.

        • retro-gamer profile image

          Howard 7 years ago from Michigan

          Will be gone on vacation for a couple of weeks and won't be able to update or approve new links, comments, etc that you may have submitted. I will get around to them when I get back. Thank you.

        • profile image

          anonymous 7 years ago

          My son and I do actually the same thing. Mostly, we almost spend our weekends on killing mobs and looting for world of warcraft at azeroth. Game rules! :D

        • sneakerz profile image

          sneakerz 7 years ago

          This is pretty cool, what an amazing way to bond with your child than relishing in some old skool games. Keep the updates coming, want to see if you can beat TMNT for the NES, by far the hardest game I have ever played

        • profile image

          LA_GUNS 7 years ago

          Keep on rock with the oldies. Nintendo rulz.

        • profile image

          TonyVega 8 years ago

          Old games were the best. Still play the 1st nintendo system.

        • profile image

          Ritz_C 8 years ago

          Love the old games. 5 stars and keep winning. Zelda best game of all time though.

        • profile image

          mherman 8 years ago

          old video games rule. mario bros duck hunt 4ever

        • profile image

          MysticKrystal 8 years ago

          I had a Sega Genesis and when I played Golden Axe I was always the lady. Her fire magic was the awesomest. I wish I looked like her though. When your boy gets older have him try out Zelda.

        • retro-gamer profile image

          Howard 8 years ago from Michigan

          Thank you for all the visitors and comments. Due to work related relocation for the next few months I may not be able to update or approve links regularly. I will get around to it though when I have the time. Thank you all

        • profile image

          geraldsinclair 8 years ago

          play some atari 2600 or c64 if you got em. played some in early 80s

        • profile image

          brianjw 8 years ago

          old games rock. still play my atari and nes all the time.

        • profile image

          farmer8i 8 years ago

          for the love of god play PONG. just kidding but love that game. good lens.

        • profile image

          thinliz 8 years ago

          Great job. Like the lens and think its cool.

        • profile image

          LuvYoshi 8 years ago

          Love the game lens you have.

        • profile image

          JStabler 8 years ago

          Like the older ones like the Intellivision and Atari but nice thing you and your boy do.

        • profile image

          katesale 8 years ago

          I really liked your video game lenses you have.

        • profile image

          nepatfan 8 years ago

          Checkout Madden 2008, great game.

        • profile image

          mibhound 8 years ago

          Checking out your lenses. Fellow mib collector from LOM.

        • profile image

          marsha32 8 years ago

          you want old school? come to my house we still have our atari (from when I was a kid) and well over 200 games for it....the kids love to play it and so do I! ROFL

        • profile image

          Dragonfiregrill 8 years ago

          still great but I really can't think of any games, once i get to unpack all of my games i'll let you know--sega, nintendo, or super nintendo, but maybe you have an atari, so i'll add those to

        • profile image

          elfgirl 8 years ago

          Nice lens, I like video games and you might like the Elf Lens I'm working on.

        • BusyQueen profile image

          BusyQueen 8 years ago

          Merry Christmas And Happy New Year to you!

        • profile image

          lovebug1 8 years ago

          I love the fact that you and your son play video games together. That is pretty cool and can also limit his time and what rating of game as well. Blujay rocks as well.

        • profile image

          hotlarry 8 years ago

          I liked it. Old games rule.

        • profile image

          mikalove 8 years ago

          Keep playing and clean up. 5 stars.

        • profile image

          pstarnick 8 years ago

          5 stars. Like the lens. Old games are cool but the WII is really awesome too.

        • profile image

          garfield32 8 years ago

          My son and I love Mario and Luigi.

        • profile image

          carrie75d 8 years ago

          Nice lens, liked it. 5 stars.

        • profile image

          ashley9h 8 years ago

          Nice video games lens. Your boy dressed up as Mario is so cute.

        • profile image

          blujayer35 8 years ago

          Very cool video game lens. You have some nice lenses and thank you for all of your help.

        • profile image

          secondchancegifts 8 years ago

          Hi classic, nice lens!!!

        • profile image

          bstutz 8 years ago

          Love the video games lenses you have.

        • profile image

          wiigod1 8 years ago

          Like the page, hopefully you win a lot more games.

        • profile image

          geraldv4 8 years ago

          BLujay looks interesting. Thanks for posting about it.

        • profile image

          judyblo 8 years ago

          Like this lens. Cool to see father and his son going for the win on the old systems. Much better than the new stuff, I think.

        • BusyQueen profile image

          BusyQueen 9 years ago

          Nice lens Classicvideogamesplus!

        • profile image

          pzerbe11 9 years ago

          Great Lens Howard. I didn't vote because I don't know anything about video games. The last video game I played successfully was the original PacMan. Does that age me or what? My son in law tried to teach me on play station, playing baseball. I don't know how I managed it but I ended up with the whole team on the pitchers mound. I am now a legand.


        • mysamcat profile image

          mysamcat 9 years ago

          Another great lens Howard! I learn alot about video games from your lenses!!!! Much success to you!

        • profile image

          anonymous 9 years ago

          Revisiting another great lens by classic!

          Going over to marbles! Always have new info! Thanks

        • profile image

          Hanitan 9 years ago

          Nice lens. Great work. Check out my lens on ”Downloading Free PSP games”

        • profile image

          merx2go 9 years ago

          All your lenses are very well done.

        • profile image

          Dragonfiregrill 9 years ago

          great lens, thanks for the help on mine

          jt :)

        • profile image

          abbygal 9 years ago

          Cool video games lens.

        • profile image

          Pamela2Heaven 9 years ago

          Another great lens.

        • profile image

          tdove 9 years ago

          Thanks for joining G Rated Lense Factory!

        • profile image

          boutiqueshops 9 years ago

          Excellent work on your lenses! You are very talented & so helpful to your fellow sellers! Thanks for visiting my lenses - much appreciated! Happy Sales to You at BluJay! Favorited, lensrolled, rated and fanclubbed!

        • profile image

          jbones7 9 years ago

          Old atari I prefer but cool thing you're doing. Saw you on PSU and might try blujay out, currently on ecrater.

        • profile image

          ZEITGUYS 9 years ago



        • blue22d profile image

          blue22d 9 years ago

          Congrat's on making #15 rank - cool lens. Soon Howie will be passing you up. Have fun.

        • profile image

          anonymous 9 years ago

          Another great lens 5 stars

        • profile image

          ed1973 9 years ago

          Cool you are teaching your son the classics. I miss going to my friends houses and playing for hours. Those were the days.

        • profile image

          debsgreatfinds 9 years ago

          great lens a a nice blujay store..

        • profile image

          scifiguy 9 years ago

          Old games rule. Hope you both defeat Adder. Keep it up man and keep the classics alive.

        • profile image

          Cassies_Crafts 9 years ago

          Cool lens *****


        • profile image

          living7 9 years ago

          Nice lens. Will make one soon. Thanks for all of your helpful posts on blujay.