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Top 5 Best Games for Android tablets and smartphones

Updated on November 10, 2014

Android World

The quantity and quality of mobile games is growing, as the game developers continue to make great efforts to this segment. Fancy new items and games, originally built on an innovative touch-screen mechanics, co-exist along with the familiar and time-tested game scenarios. Google Play is full of proposals, many of which are not worthy of attention, and therefore we decided to get to the bottom of the case and choose five best games for Android. We admit that the only "five" do not cover even all gaming genres, because if someone does not find your favorite game on our list, please do not be upset, then you'll surely find a worthy replacement.

Angry Birds- Star Wars

It is unlikely that the list of mobile games would be complete if it did not have one of the varieties of Angry Birds. The Angry Birds have managed to create a winning combination of decent game play which has absorbed the best in this genre - the idea of ​​a puzzle and eye pleasing cartoon look. The last of the series is Angry Birds Star Wars. The game borrows elements from the classic movie "Star Wars." The main levels are available for free, except for the bonus "Jedi Path": you can open it by paying $ 0.99 or accumulating enough bonus points. Mechanics of the game is not fundamentally different from other versions of Angry Birds, but new characters and scenery bring some variety to the game.

Verdict: A fun, easily accessible game.

Rating: 4.5 / 5

Strikefleet Omega

Strikefleet Omega from the 6wave company puts the player at the head of fleet of same name. Alien armada has just destroyed the Earth, and is headed by Queen seeks to completely destroy humanity. You have to strike back and kill the Queen. Alien fighters and bombers surround your small fleet, and you are to send their own fighters, drawing routes on the screen, providing air traffic control and defense. With each successful mission unlock more and more ships, but the pressure on the player is maintained by increasing the complexity of the battles.

The game itself is free although the possibility of purchasing premium credits for real money are present.

Verdict : Excellent defensive strategy with a good level of complexity and mechanics that take advantage of touch screen mobile devices.

Rating : 4/5

Global Outbreak

Global Outbreak - is a freeware tactical game where you will play the role of director of a private military firm hired to stop the zombie apocalypse. The game takes place on a tactical and strategic level: the players send their mercenaries on the job, where the last battle with hordes of zombies is to rescue officials, etc. Earned points on the successful operation can be spent on the construction of a network of helicopter bases and towers to contain and eliminate the zombie outbreaks, thus you are taking part in a larger global conflict. Despite the hackneyed plot, in general, the game is well developed, can kill a lot of time (creation of databases in 15 minutes, some projects - more than an hour). The game balance between tactical action and strategy.

Verdict : An unusual mixture of action-shooter and strategy, where stretches of vigorous action combined with slow sites of action on the strategic map.

Rating : 4/5

Dead Trigger 2

Dead Trigger - Free Shooter from Madfinger Games. This shooter game is also dedicated to the theme of zombies, and you will be here to go through hordes of undead, rescuing other survivors and ensuring the safety of your players. Dead Trigger delivers impressive graphics for mobile gaming "console-quality" has an advanced management system dual-stick (although the precise guidance to the target can be problematic). Somewhere in the game, there is a plot, but in general it is destroying hordes of zombies with all kinds of weapons and a variety of gadgets and devices. And that's great, if it weren't for the great graphics and game play then clearing your way through various levels and missions would be extremely boring.

Verdict : Great free zombie shooter with great graphics.

Rating : 4/5

Triple Town

From the grotesque move on to the pretty brainchild of Spry Fox LLC - a simple but addictive game. The player needs to build a great city, earning points by connecting the three objects of similar properties that allow you to create the next object higher in the hierarchy. For example, three piece of grass create a bush, three bush - a tree, three trees - the house and so on. On top of that, you'll have to outwit giant bears that get in the way of your design plans. As a free game, Triple Town is best in the genre, you can use the game points to buy additional moves. But there is also the opportunity to buy an unlimited number of moves for real money.

Verdict : Triple Town - simple, affordable and attractive causal game, which can be great for killing time.

Rating : 4.5 / 5

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