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5 Casual Mobile Games You're Missing

Updated on June 19, 2016

1. Tap Miner

Tap Miner, A "tapping" game where your goal is to tap the screen in order to mine gold and gems. That's it! The gold and gems you get allow you to upgrade your character and hire monsters to help you mine. Hired monsters can be upgraded and evolved to new even better monsters. Everything about your character can be upgraded from your stats to your abilities such as dynomining or gemsplosion.

Mining has never been so fun!
Mine for precious gems, gold, and even potatoes as Max the Miner with this tapper game, Tap Miner.

Hire and evolve creatures to help you mine even faster!
Upgrade your character and tap your way to great fortune and wealth.

2. Candy Jelly Jewels

Candy Jelly Jewels, a casual Match 3 that isn't loaded with all the stuff you don't care about like many other match 3s have. It's cute visuals, simple style, and easy play modes make it a great choice for someone who doesn't want to partake in the mega-games like Candy Crush. Otherwise, it's the game you expect. Make 3 or higher matches or take out board objectives to move along a map, unlocking new areas and special abilities along the way.

Candy Jelly Jewels is a totally fresh new candy jelly match-3 casual puzzle. Switch and match 3 or more jellies to defeat evil monsters! Join forces with Pete the Pug and Sam the Squirrel on this enchanting adventure!

3. Hungry Snake

Hungry Snake, also available on the Play Store, is exactly what you think it is, Snake. Updated with new graphics (or... just graphics in general) this is a take on the classic. Eating fruit prolongs your life but don't run into spiders and boulders!

Snake is a classic video game which became popular at the beginning of 70’s. Nowadays it has changed beyond recognition! Play Hungry Snake for a refreshed take on the classic and see it on something a little more powerful than your calculator.

4. Candy Bomb

Candy Bomb, is a fairly simple dodging game. Use left and right to dodge explosive candies raining from the sky. Simple yet effective time waster. The graphics are cute and efficient, the game can run on pretty much any phone. To add to the experience, you can level your character up and increase its health but this is a really lightweight feature, not really making annoying demands on the player. It's genuinely fun to pick up and waste a few minutes on while you're waiting for something. You can also unlock Google Play achievements if you're into that kind of thing,

Help Jelly Frog survive in the Candy World! Don't be tricked, those candies are trouble! Dodge deliciously explosive yet dangerous treats for as long as you possibly can to earn points.

5. Poo Tetris

Poo Tetris, is Tetris... wait poo. Yes, it's the classic with no added bells and whistles but now on mobile and now completely innovated with poop emojis! Otherwise it's what you expect, make lines to clear them and earn points, don't let poos pile to the top. Do I really need to say more?

Come and play Poo Tetris, an entertaining and addicting game just like the classic Tetris with an unusual theme. Control the block, by moving laterally or rotate so as to form a horizontal line without any gaps. When a horizontal line is formed, this line will disappear and the above blocks will fall, granting you points. The game will end when there is no more room for one more block and your board fills up so try not to leave open and unreachable spots!


None of these games are the great ones re-defining gaming or worth playing 2 hours a day every day. They're just good time wasters if you don't feel like investing so much time into a game. I hope you have fun with them! They've certainly helped me kill some time when I was bored. None of them are greedy pay2win games in fact only one of them even allows for spending money. The others are ads supported so you will get some pop-ups or banners but none of them are too annoying (or they wouldn't be on this list!)

All of them are available on Google Play, I'm not sure about iTunes I haven't checked.


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