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5 Games like Dota/Dota 2

Updated on July 20, 2013

Good MOBA Games

In case you did not know what MOBA meant, it means Multiplayer Online Battle Arena. The genre is very player vs player focused, making it extremely competitive. Dota had plenty of different heroes that you could choose and they could become extremely powerful when you get them the right items. Dota 2 followed suit with Dota's game play and it is wildly successful. So what other games are coming up to compete with Dota?


League of Legends

With Dota 2 being extremely popular, the giant that is able to compete with it is League of Legends. This game is actually inspired by Dota, so its game play is very similar. If you played Dota, this game will also be a good one for you as well.

The mechanics are the same as Dota, except a few changes. You are able to choose between a 3v3 or 5v5 match. The heroes are called champions. As of April 2013, there are 112 champions to choose from.

Champions are mainly categorized into 5 different types:

  • Tanks - They are meat shields to take damage in team battles.
  • Damage Per Second - The damage dealers that usually have low health.
  • Mages - Similar to damage dealers, huge damage but extremely fragile.
  • Support - These champions can heal and cast strong buffs.
  • Hybrids - A mix of the above types.

This game also has public tournaments that players can participate and win prizes as well. Talk about popularity, this game has got it.



Awesomenauts is a 2D MOBA that has a different look and feel to it, but it has some similarities to Dota. This game has an outer space and alien theme. Most of the heroes here are robots or some goofy looking aliens. Despite this, it is still a great game to play.

This game is still relatively new, so I am sure they will be adding more new heroes to the game. It is playable on PC, xbox and PS3. Each hero is unique and has different skills. The map is a platform with some defending turrets defending the base. The goal of the players is to destroy the turrets and conquer the base. Games are played 3v3.


Heroes of Newerth

This is another version that is inspired by Dota as well. Instead of the Sentinel and the Scourge, we have the Legion and the Hellbourne. Just like League of Legends, you can play Co-op as well here if you are just starting out and would like to get a feel of the game.

All the heroes in this game have 4 main skills that they can use. There are currently 115 playable heroes, with each of them classified into one of the 3:

  • Strength - Gains more health and can take more damage.
  • Agility - Speed and damage is of essence here.
  • Intelligence - Maximize the mana pool to increase spell nuking potential.

However, you do not always have to play the hero strictly as a strength hero. You can customize it to a different build based on the strategy of the team.


Heroes of Order and Chaos

This MOBA game is released on the android. It is basically brought to let handheld console users enjoy the game that could only be played on PC.

The heroes here are classified into 4 different types:

  • Guardian
  • Mage
  • Fighter
  • Support

For game play, you can either choose 3v3, 5v5 against AI or players. Since this is released on the android, the player base is considerable smaller than the other MOBA games.


Bloodline Champions

This one is a little different to the usual MOBA games, as it focuses only on the heroes themselves. There are no mobs or towers, just straight up arena style hero vs hero battle. Each hero has their own unique skills that they can use. There is only 2v2 or 3v3 games. The game is extremely fast-paced, with most battles lasting no longer than 2 minutes.

This game is all on the player's skills. There is no critical hits, no auto targeting. Everything here needs to be manually aimed. There are four main type of bloodlines(heroes):

  • Melee Attack
  • Range Attack
  • Healer
  • Tank

Each bloodline has 7 abilities and their skills are cooldown based. You will want to manage your skill cooldown effectively to be good at this game.

Bonus: Blizzard All-Stars

This game is under development. It is a MOBA game similar to Dota with all your favorite Blizzard heroes in the game. Isn't that awesome? You get to see Sarah Kerrigan, Jim Raynor, Arthas, Lich King, Witch Doctor and more.

There will be towers and cannon fodder mobs to join the heroes in a battle. I will be expanding on this once they have an official release date.


Have you tried any of the games above? Let me know what you think about them by leaving a comment below!

Which is your favorite MOBA Game?

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    • ilikegames profile image

      Sarah Forester 

      4 years ago from Australia

      Awesomenauts and Bloodline Champions for me!

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      i want a dota game for gt-s7262


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