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5 Tips to reduce MMORPG video game addiction

Updated on July 15, 2011
Don't get caught in the video game addiction!
Don't get caught in the video game addiction!

Tip #1: Private servers

The easiest way to get an MMORPG out of your system is to see just how empty the experience is. Getting the highest level on any characters, combined with epic gear turns this gear back into its original form - pixels and polygons. It makes you recognize just how shallow the experience really is. Cheating in MMORPGs is hard, private servers are a better option.

In MMORPGs you can play on a private server. This started with Shard and Sphere Ultima Online servers. I hear that private World of Warcraft servers are also great at curing the addiction!

Recognize that there’s no going back from this. Upon doing so, the game experience becomes very shallow and not enjoyable anymore!

Tip #2: Buying currency and items.

Read the above point if you want to quit. Escalating investment will not make you quit and will make quitting harder. But if you want to reduce the amount of time you spend grinding for gold or equipment, consider buying video game gold, equipment or characters for the game you are playing.

The math works out really well and you can avoid grinding for 20 cents per hour and just buy currency. It saves you hundreds of hours of grinding, questing or raiding. Some gear can simply be bought at the auction houses or the like.

Tip #3: Learn the MMORPG before you commit!

Before jumping in an MMORPG, do some research and find a class that you would feel good with playing for a long time. Look at common complaints and words like “gimped”, “nerfed”, “sucks”.

A common mistake is to create a class that you played in a previous game! If a paladin in one game is godly, but sucks in another game, don’t roll a paladin! Mistakes like that cause you to re-roll later in the game and practically double your time invested in the game! Outfitting multiple characters with gear is very difficult and time consuming!

Tip #4: Pick an MMORPG server carefully.

If you live in the US, you don’t want to play on a European or Oceanic server, because it will be empty for most of the time. All scheduled events would take place in your off-hours and you will have to either reroll or transfer to a different server, cutting all of your social contacts! Playing with sleepy people is not fun!

Tip #5: Pick a hardcore guild.

This may be counterintuitive for quitting, but if you are a decent player, joining a hardcore guild would provide resources to power through the game and get it out of your system. Avoid guilds that use tax or require you to grind for materials or so. If they do, buy the materials and save your brain cells. There would be less hanging out and more focused play!

Avoid joining random invites to join a pick up guild. These usually are not suited for a hardcore player! Get into a guild which existed before and knows how to organize itself!

Simple, but it works

Video game addiction catches many people by surprise. Following these simple tips and tricks would dramatically reduce the amount of time you spend chasing your own tail in an MMORPG! 


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