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7 Dangers of PokemonGo

Updated on February 18, 2019

PokemonGo is the New Cell Phone App Craze

Anyone who grew up with Pokémon like I did has found the new game extremely exciting and addicting. It's a game that actually forces you to get off your couch and leave the house to find Pokémon in your neighborhood or city. It's a fun game and has unlimited possibilities. I think it's an interesting new twist on an old game and the characters that we love so much in the past are there with us in this new adventure.

There is one thing that we have started to realize with this new game. Like many other applications that have come in the past to our mobile phones, this game can be hazardous to your health. There are many things that can happen while playing this game that can put you in danger or cause life altering events without you even knowing it.

PokemonGo and Driving

If you have become fascinated with this game and you know how to drive you must be careful. The temptation to search for these creatures on your phone while you're driving can be a dangerous combination. It's an interesting thought to have to get out of the house and go look for Pokémon in your neighborhood. It's also an interesting thought that this game will take you into interesting places and make you look around for them while experiencing different parts of your city.

The scary part is there's nothing stopping you from using your phone while you are driving. We have all learned that texting and driving has surpassed that of drinking and driving causing automobile accidents. It is even easier to get caught up in a video game while you are trying to drive. People do it all the time. It's a scary thing to think that somebody is not watching where they're going because they're more worried about catching the next Pokémon.

Years ago we were worried about kids staying inside to play super Mario Brothers on their new Nintendo entertainment center watching TV for hours at a time. At least there, we didn't hurt anybody but ourselves. Now we have a game we can play on the go while we are driving. We could technically kill somebody by playing a video game.

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Don't Run into that Pole!

Some of my favorite YouTube videos are of people texting while they are walking. They will not pay attention to what is going on around them and will either walk off a bridge or run into a light pole. There have been not so funny occasions when people have walked into traffic and were hit by a car. It amazes me that we sometimes have blinders on when it comes to our cell phones.

If we use our cell phone to play video games we are putting ourselves in the same kind of situation. We walk blindly forward without any regard for those who are around us or the dangers we might step into. There is always the possibility of running into a tree or falling down a flight of stairs because we are not watching where we are going.

It is a fun game to play but we should try to play these games with friends and family. If we walk in groups, we are less likely to get hurt. We should designate someone as a look out and make sure we look up every once in a while so we don't find ourselves in a dangerous situation.

Not that Abandoned Building

Looking for Pokémon can lead us into places we've never been to before. We could find ourselves looking at an old abandoned warehouse wondering what kind of Pokémon are living in there? I wonder how many people realize that game is, for the most part, randomized. It allows Pokémon to appear on a semi-random basis no matter where you are. It makes you walk in certain directions.

I believe the creators of the game allow more Pokémon to be found in public places like the mall or a theme park or the beach. They want you to get out and visit places where people actually go. The idea is to get you moving and put you in a social senario somewhere you might meet other people.

I do not think they intend for you to go somewhere that is dangerous or could get you in trouble. If you see Pokemon in an abandoned building you should not go. You should go somewhere else where there are more people and more public. Think hard before you do something illegal.

Avoid Private Property

On another note, you might think Pokémon are living in your neighbors backyard. This does not give you the right to climb your fence and wonder around in your neighbors yard without their permission. This does not give you the right to break into a building or property after hours just so you can look for that rare Pokémon you think might be there. If it's illegal you should not do it.

It amazes me that people think they can get away with committing a crime just because of a video game. I know it may seem like fun but being caught and taken to jail is not fun and I would not want that for anyone who might play this game. Be careful where you tread. Think about where you are going and ask permission before going somewhere that is not public property. Who knows, the owner of the land might give you the opportunity to look around.

Don't Get Fired or Suspended

Many businesses have a strict rule against using cell phones in the workplace. There is a Little leeway because everybody uses cell phones and if you use it for a moment you can probably get away with it. This can be a problem if you're playing a video game all day. If you go back and turn it on for two or three minutes at a time 50 or 60 times a day then you are going to get caught and told to put your phone away, if not worse.

I've heard of people having their cell phones taken away which makes the situation feel a bit like high school. The teacher will give it back to you at the end of the day. Seems a little childish but I guess if you are playing video games when you should be working then maybe you should be treated like a child.

Save your game for lunch break. If you work an eight hour shift you should get a 30 minute to an hour lunch break. You might even get two 10 minute breaks as well if you work for the right company. These are great times to play these video games. It's a great time to search for Pokémon. Don't do it when you're on the clock. Leave the game outside the workplace. It would be silly to be fired because of a Pokémon.

Don't let it Kill Your Cell Phone

From my experience this game uses a lot of power. The reason it uses power is because it is using your GPS system. When it uses this for long periods of time it will drain your battery quickly. Think about this when you are using it throughout the day. If you drain your battery before you can get home then you won't have access to your phone when you need it. If you have an emergency and can't get to a phone then you will be stuck until someone finds you or you can walk somewhere where you can make a phone call.

It is a good idea to carry a charging cable with you. If you're going to play Pokémon throughout the day then you want to have the ability to charge your phone when your battery gets low. I like a good car charger. I've also been known to carry a solar powered charger. It's nice to collect a little bit of energy from the sun and not have to worry about plugging my phone into the wall.

Be aware of your battery's power level. If you don't realize your phone is about to die then it might turn off when you're in the middle of a conversation with someone you care about. They might even think you hung up on them. Just be careful and carry your charger with you If you are going to play this game for long periods of time.

Don't Become Addicted

It is really easy to become addicted to a game. I know someone who has been playing candy crush for almost as long as it's been out. She's on level 1800 if I remember correctly. If you want to do well in PokémonGo, you will have to play a lot. To get anywhere in the game you will have to spend hours walking around looking for Pokémon. You will have to find PokeStops. You will have to train your Pokémon in Gyms. You will have to spend lots of time growing and evolving your Pokémon.

It's OK if you spend a lot of time playing this game. We all do it. Just be careful not to become addicted to it. When you start to choose the game over your family or your business, you might have a problem. When you start to see the game more than the regular world then you might want to seek professional help. Don't allow the game to take over. If you do, you might miss the most important parts of life. The game is not worth that.


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