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7 Days to Die!

Updated on August 28, 2013

What if?

What if you could have the crafting and survival game play of Minecraft, mixed with the emptiness of DayZ, mixed with a touch of Left 4 Dead 2?

You would end up with 7 Days to Die.

7 Days to Die is a new game released by a company called, "The Fun Pimps." They just recently started a kickstarter deal. In a little less than a month, they have reached over 350,000 dollars, and over 10,000 kickstarters. Apparently the genre of Zombie meets Survival is pretty big.

So I loved minecraft, I loved DayZ and LFD2, What makes this game different?


Interview with a Developer

Well this blogger landed a rare interview with one of the top developers of the game last night.

He went on to tell me that the idea landed on him around Thanksgiving of last year. He said he and his brother had met up, and talked about putting together a game. They loved the idea of DayZ but had both had rather odd experiences with it. They loved the intricacy of Minecraft, and of course who doesn't like Zombie survival?

Smash em all into one game, was their idea. So they set off to find engines to run this game. Many of the people they had interviewed, turned them down in developing this game. They ran across another guy, who was currently working on a game himself. They all came together and decided to drop all ideas but the 7 Days to Die idea.

What is it?

You know when you killed that first pig in minecraft, and heard a rustling noise in the bushes, and suddenly a zombie popped out?

Yea, same basic concept. Except, that one zombie... has a lot of friends with him.. That one zombie that liked to beat your door down in minecraft.. now likes to gather up his little buddy zombies and break down your walls.. Oh and here's the best part.. If you are up stairs.. And those zombies just happen to break load bearing walls.. You are going to be downstairs rather quickly.

If you don't find shelter, you die.

If you don't find food, you die.

If you don't protect yourself, you die.

It's the first zombie survival game that you, really have to think, will this action fuck me in the future?

Which game do you play most frequently?

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Alpha Release and KickStarter

So this game is still in Alpha, but it is available for you to try just as long as you pledge a few dollars to the creation of the game.

$35 dollars gets you: Alpha, Beta, and Full Release, as well as a kickstarter badge.

The Kickstarter has closed, it ended with 507k donated.

But don't fret. you can still get the game by going to their website.

When you are done with that. You can come hang out with me and my friends at:

We shall be playing this weekend!

If you backed it, post a comment!



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    • Ashleign profile image

      Ashleign 4 years ago

      That's a shame. This one here kicks ass..

    • articlesbyalex profile image

      articlesbyalex 4 years ago

      Unfortunately I don't have he money to spend on kickstarting projects, I will be observing articles and videos on the game however.

    • Ashleign profile image

      Ashleign 4 years ago

      It is fantastic. Have you gotten the kickstarter and all that? You good to go for friday?

      My friends at Generic Gaming plan to have a p2p server up the first days, then they should have an MP server up just as soon as Chris releases it.

    • articlesbyalex profile image

      articlesbyalex 4 years ago

      I have a keen interest in this game ever since FrankieOnPCin1080p talked about it on his Youtube channel, good article :)