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A Wizard's Lizard Walkthrough: The Sewer Hag

Updated on June 20, 2014
A Wizard's Lizard owned by Lost Decade Games. Images used for educational purposes only.
A Wizard's Lizard owned by Lost Decade Games. Images used for educational purposes only. | Source

The Sewer is not a friendly place, like pretty much everywhere else in A Wizard's Lizard, and its overlord is perhaps the most dangerous creature of them all: the evil Sewer Hag. A green, dripping, foul beast, the Sewer Hag lives in sewage and threatens interlopers with a mixture of purple projectiles and deadly mushrooms. This will not be an easy fight.

Sewer Hag

The Sewer Hag has a fairly predictable attack pattern that will barely vary at all between battles:

- In all cases she'll move from sludge pool to sludge pool, much like the Lurkers and Derpers in other parts of the Sewer. She'll only stay in one spot for a short while before disappearing and moving elsewhere.

- In some battles the Sewer Hag will launch a steady stream of single purple projectiles at you...

- ... while in others, the Sewer Hag will launch groups of two projectiles at you at a time. There's a gap between the projectiles, allowing you to slip between them.

- The Sewer Hag also sprouts Mushrooms throughout her lair. If you're lucky they'll be the relatively-easy-to-deal with Orange Mushrooms. If you're unlucky, they'll be Green Mushrooms. Both types appear at first as seeds on the ground, and will take between ten and fifteen seconds to fully sprout. Having spent this much time in the Sewer, you probably know how annoying Mushrooms can be.

- The Sewer is surrounded by Slime Pipes. They'll go off at intervals and poison you if you're in the way. Slime Pipes can be very dangerous in this battle, as you need to be able to move at full speed constantly to survive.

- Last, the Sewer Hag will spawn a single Ioi Eye whenever she disappears after you've whittled away half of her health. Continue damaging her and two will spawn instead.

General Advice

- Dish out damage in massive amounts early on. This may seem like silly advice, but the battlefield gets progressively more crowded as the battle goes on. You want to kill the Sewer Hag before there are too many Mushrooms on the field.

- If possible, leave your totems around to wipe out Mushrooms while you concentrate on the Sewer Hag. You can't let them spread too much or you'll quickly run out of room. This is especially dangerous with the Green Mushrooms - they may do a heck of a lot less damage than Orange Mushrooms, but they're soooooo hard to avoid when they go off.

- If you use your totem for wiping out Mushrooms, make sure you clear out of the way. You don't want to get caught in the crossfire when the Mushrooms explode, regardless of type.

- Don't get too close to the Hag when firing. Trying to maintain as great a distance as possible unless you're setting off your Soul Orbs. You want as much time as you can get to react to the Hag's projectiles.

- If possible, wear an Antivenom Ring during this fight. This will allow you to completely ignore the Slime Pipes at the sides of the room. Combat is much easier when you can move without fear of being poisoned.

- Kill Ioi Eyes as soon as they spawn. You have a few moments before the Hag reappears with which to do so. A single Ioi Eye might not seem like a huge threat at first, but trying to dodge two sets of projectiles at once... not fun. There's also a slight possibility that the Eye will drop a health item.

Short Range Combat

Short range fighters will find this battle a bit trickier, as it's sometimes difficult to get close to the Hag with Mushrooms sprouting everywhere. The trick here is to move constantly. Get up close to the Hag's chosen pool and slip around the edges, firing relentlessly at her. You want her aiming her shots at the spot where you just were, not where you are now. Follow her when she moves and repeat. Clear out Mushrooms as necessary so you have room to maneuver around her pools. Soul Orbs will shorten this fight substantially.

Conversely, you can employ your totems to do much of the close-range damage while you work on the Mushrooms. Set the totem up beside the Hag and let it go to work on her. This method only works if you have equipment that shortens the cooldown time and increases the power of your totem.

Long Range Combat

Long range combat is a bit easier, so long as you use totems to clear out the Mushrooms in your way. Only dodge as far to the right or left as necessary to avoid her shots; otherwise, fire relentlessly from a single location. The less you move, the fewer Mushrooms you're likely to set off.

- Defeating the Sewer Hag will bring your journey through the Sewer to an end. Beyond you'll find some fancy new item, and you'll discover the headquarters of Death himself: the Crypt. Oooooooo.


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