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A perfect Team-mate Review: Sony PlayStation 3D Display

Updated on November 22, 2011

The All New PlayStation 3D Display

The all new PlayStation 3D Display
The all new PlayStation 3D Display
Enhanced Multi-Player Gaming Experience
Enhanced Multi-Player Gaming Experience

Do you feel like I do that the regular LCD screens are unsatisfactory as long as PlayStation experience is concerned. After several long sessions at Resistance 3 you would feel it is too strenuous to play the game on a regular LCD TV. At the 2011 E3, Jack Tretton from Sony PlayStation announced a revolutionary product that would change the gaming experience forever.

PlayStation 3D Glasses

Sony PlayStation 3D glasses
Sony PlayStation 3D glasses

The PlayStation 3D display is specifically designed for 3D gaming and to enhance multiplayer gaming experience. The PlayStation branded 3D monitor is an innovative way of playing multiplayer games. Unlike earlier when to play a multiplayer game you needed two monitors the PlayStation 3D solves this problem and enables gamers to play simultaneously on the same 3D display. With the 3D glasses both of the gamers will have their OWN monitor with little or no ghosting effect. You do not need a split screen technology that keeps distracting you, now you can have the whole 3D Display at your own disposal. Get PlayStation 3D Monitor from Sony at $499 and get a copy of Resistance 3 and pair of 3D glasses complimentary.

This year Sony PlayStation plans a huge comeback with the launch of two revolutionary gaming products that will change the future of gaming. The PlayStation Vita and the PlayStation 3D monitor will re-establish Sony PlayStation as the best gaming device manufacturer.

The Sony PlayStation 3D Display is a 24” 3D monitor with 1080pixel HD presentation. To be launched towards the end of this year the 3D display is super slim and comes with in-built speaker and subwoofers. Besides the PlayStation console you can also connect your cable TV box or your PC to it and it perfectly adorns your drawing room or bedroom. You can change the visuals from 2D to 3 D and 3D to 2D at your own whim and comfort.

The 3D glasses that come bundled with the PlayStation 3D Display is designed for long and comfortable gaming sessions. It has its own in-built rechargeable battery. The 3D glasses will also be available independent of the PlayStation 3 Display at a price of $69.99.The PlayStation 3 glasses are typical Sony active shutter 3D glasses that can also be used with other 3D TVs. There is a small switch at the top of the frame that switches between multiplayer images.

At a price equivalent to the cost of iPad Sony offers a low cost entry to the 3D world of entertainment. I am waiting for the launch of the Playstation 3D display. Are you?


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