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AD&D Classes: Anneugia

Updated on January 8, 2012

Compatible with all editions, and other RPGs (if you tweak it) originally plotted for 2nd edition D&D. This is an original class created by Earl S. Wynn that has been officially game tested.

The Anneugia are a violent and deceptive people who live in distant, uninhabited areas and only purposefully come into contact with others if absolutely necessary to their survival. Nevertheless, they are regularly sought out by those in need of poisons that go beyond the ken of simple rodent-killers, poisons that torture and cripple in exquisite ways before slowly bearing their victim to the lingering edge of death. It is said only another, more competent Anneugia can divise a cure for these poisons, but as a people, they are rare indeed, and usually less concerned with brewing cures than toxins.

Restrictions and Requisites:

Prime Requisites: WIS/DEX

Equipment Restrictions: No restrictive armor or clothing

Weapon Restrictions: Nothing larger than a dagger or hand crossbow/pistol

Hit Dice: 1d6

Class Specifics:

Every Anneugia begins with 3d4 vials of poisons (Anything. DM's discretion), and carry a pouch of tools and common ingredients with them that can be used to brew toxins in a pinch. When brewing, A Wisdom and Dexterity check must be made (use the following table to determine success or failure.) Determining the strength is relatively straight forward, but is ultimately up to the DM. Failure results (50% of the time) in a useless potion or (50%) in a potion with half the effect. Modifiers can also be added for better working conditions, advisors, instructions, etc. The DM or Referee should consider this table a guide for those Anneugia who just throw out the stuff and mix up a potion in a pinch without any preparation.

Further Notes:

If you're a player, it is always a good idea to talk with your Dungeon Master or Referee about new character classes before trying to introduce them into an existing game. If you thought this class was interesting, however, or even if you just want to see more character classes by yours truly, please feel free to follow the links at the bottom of the page to check out all my other RPG friendly classes. Check back often-- I add new classes all the time!


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