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AD&D Classes: Dwarven Shadow

Updated on January 8, 2012

Compatible with all editions, and other RPGs (if you tweak it) originally plotted for 2nd edition D&D. This is an original class created by Earl S. Wynn that has been officially game tested.

--Special thanks to Dylan--

Members of an elite order that serves as the Dwarven equivalent of humanity's covert ops, Dwarven Shadows are an interesting hybrid of thief and warrior, a four-foot sniper that excels in killing quietly and disappearing without a trace. Most of what is known about them outside the highest circles of Dwarves government is dismissed as myth-- after all, who would expect a brusque and noble mountain people like the Dwarves to have sneaky assassins that strike from long distance on the payroll?

Restrictions and Requisites

Only Dwarves may be trained as Dwarven Shadows

Prime Requisite: DEX

Equipment Restrictions: Can't use thief skills if wearing armor heavier than leather.

Weapon Restrictions: Ranged weapons only

Hit Dice: 1d6

Class Specifics:

Dwarven Shadows possess the following abilities and advance as if they were a thief: Move Silently and Hide in Shadows.

They gain a -1 THAC0 bonus with all ranged weapons, and shots made at long range suffer no penalty.

When rolling for gold on character creation, halve the roll-- instead, the DM may "outfit" the Dwarven Shadow according to what gear he or she would be assigned by the Order. This includes weapons, armor, survival gear, etc. the DM should also consider the technological level of his Dwarven society. If the standard military is all swords and axes, then the Dwarven Shadows might have access to complex wheel or flint-lock technology, steamcannons, or compact crossbows. As with any open character class, the DM and the player should discuss options and ideas to maximize the potential for fun without damaging game mechanics by introducing a "super elite" character.

Further Notes

If you're a player, it's always a good idea to talk to your Dungeon Master or Referee before creating a character using classes obtained from strangers on websites. However, if you thought this class was cool, or even if you just want to see additional character classes by the same author, please feel free to follow the links at the bottom of the page to check out all my other RPG friendly classes. Check back often-- I add new classes all the time!


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