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Updated on March 4, 2013

Pigs may seem like an odd choice of adversary for birds, and you've probably wondered why pigs would steal bird's eggs in the first place. The addition of pigs was apparently inspired by the swine flu epidemic that was rampant at the time when the original Angry Birds game was in development.

Ravio has released over five episodes of Angry Birds, introducing new levels as well as new birds. Apart from this, there are special Angry Birds Seasons editions for Halloween, Christmas, Valentine's day, St Patrick's Day and Easter. Recently, we saw the release of Angry Birds Roi, a standalone release, which was launched as a promotion for the animated film Rio.

What drives a game developer to come up with a concept that involves killing pigs using birds flung out of a slingshot? The story goes that Jaakko lisalo, a games designer at Rovio, while thinking of concepts for the team's next project, had an idea and sketched a character of an angry bird. When he shared the sketch with his directors, they liked the character and then a gameplan was developed.

Trying to cash in on the craze of Angry Birds, several other game developers have launched games inspired by Angry Birds. These include Cannon Cadets, Bullistic, Trucks and Skulls, Pandas vs Ninjas, Chicks 'n' Vixens, Boss Launch 2, and Angry Farm just to name a few.

Since its release for Apple's iOs in December 2009, Angry Birds has been downloaded more than 10 millions times from the Apple App store itself. After its version for the Android and symbian platforms was released, the game has been downloaded more then 50 millions times. It's so popular that it was hailed as the most downloaded app in most countries across the globe by the 2011 Games Edition of the Guinness World Records.

Angry Birds has quite a celebrity fan following as well. It's celeb fans include David Cameron, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, and prolific writer Salman Rushdie. Angry Birds has also been the talking point on several TV shows, and it was even featured on an Israeli comedy show that depicted the angry birds in peace negotiations with the pigs!

On youtube, you will find several videos on Angry Birds. While most of them teach you tricks and help you pass a level, one particular video particularly stands out. Search for 'Playable Angry Birds birthday cake' posted by Electricpigtv. The Angry Bird cake created by Mike Cooper for his son's sixth birthday didn't just look like the Angry Bird playfield, but you could actually play it.


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