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Angry Birds 3 Star Walkthrough Level 3-12, 3-15, 3-18, 3-21 & Tips & Help

Updated on October 12, 2011


If you are struggling to get 3 stars on angry birds level 3-12, 3-15, 3-18 and 3-21 then this article will tell you all you need to know. Here we will look at angry birds level walkthroughs for these levels and find out how exactly you can get three stars on each of these tricky angry birds levels. We will also review tips and hints to help you get 3 stars on all the angry birds levels.

The angry birds app for iPhone, iPad and android has long been one of the most popular downloads from the app store. Angry birds is a great fun game that will challenge any who play it. Even when you have completed the levels the game is not over, the ultimate angry birds challenge is how to get 3 gold stars on every level. So here we will look at certain levels that are quite difficult and find out how to complete them.

Poached Eggs Episode 3


Poached eggs was the first world to come out on angry birds. It consists of three separate episodes, the first one is quite basic, the second one gets a little more difficult then the third episode is a real challenge. Each episode on poached eggs has 21 levels, so that makes 63 gold stars per episode and a total of 189 altogether. The hardest levels to get 3 stars on are undoubtedly on episode 3. By this stage you have been introduced to most of the main birds and are now getting the hang of the game, so the makers have made this more of a challenge.

There are probably 8 levels on episode 3 that people often struggle with, the others are usually not that hard to master. To obtain 3 star on a level you basically have to get to a certain level of points. A simple tip to do this is to try to have birds left over so you pick up the 10,000 bonus points on offer per bird at the end of each level. You also want to do as much damage as possible to the obstacles and blocks that are surrounding the pigs.

In this article we will concentrate on the four latter levels that prove a real test for angry birds players. When these were new levels people really struggled with them. The levels in question are level 3-12, level 3-15, level 3-18 and level 3-21. So now we will look at how exactly to get 3 stars on each of these angry birds levels.

Level 3-12 3 Star Walkthrough

Level 3-12 3 Star Walkthrough


On level 3-12 you start with five angry birds. It is ideal if you only use four to finish the job so then you pick up the 10,000 bonus points at the end which should be enough to get you the 3 stars. One thing to avoid on this level is the pillars, they are not worth bothering about as they are pretty solid and won’t get you any points. Your first blue bird needs to smash into the glass at the top of the tower, don’t split the birds till the very last second. From here you can use the other birds to finish off the pigs. The video to the right of the screen will show you how exactly you can go about doing this. If you can follow these instructions you should be able to get 3 stars on level 3-12 of angry birds.

Level 3-15 3 Star Walkthrough

Level 3-15 3 Star Walkthrough


Level 3-15 is the level with the dice. Interestingly you need to hit the dice six times to destroy them, the numbers count down as they are touched by things. On this level you have a black bomb bird and two white birds. You are looking to just use two birds to complete the level. Your black bird needs to hit the tower at just the right angle so it get in amongst the blocks. When it explodes it hopefully will take out 3 pigs and do lots of damage. Then your second bird you can use to kill the last pig. Hopefully doing this will get you 3 stars on level 3-15.

Level 3-18 3 Star Walkthrough

Level 3-18 3 Star Walkthrough


When it comes to level 3-18 there is a certain knack to getting it just right. This is the level that looks a little like a bridge and has dynamite underneath. On this level you start with 5 angry birds. You can complete this level with just four of the birds hence picking up the 10,000 bonus points. The key to this level is how you use the dynamite. The first red bird needs to knock the far tower over, this should bring the dynamite back down towards the bridge. The second bird needs to take out the near tower and push the dynamite towards the bridge. There is a little bit of luck involved in this but you should manage. For more detail view the video. This should help you get three stars on level 3-18of angry birds.

Level 3-21 3 Star Walkthrough

Level 3-21 3 Star Level Walkthrough


This is probably the hardest level on Poached Eggs. One that everyone seems to struggle with and a real tough level to get 3 stars on. However there is a way to get 3 stars on level 3-21. You start with 2 black birds and 5 white birds. You should ideally be looking to just use 6 of your birds and then pick up the bonus. This is quite a complex level so you really need to watch the video. You need to use your black birds very carefully on this one as they really are the key to the level. This is one that may take a bit of practice and luck but eventually you should manage to get 3 stars on level 3-21.

The angry birds game for the iPhone, iPad and android really has taken the world by storm. With the recent release of the Mighty Eagle it is now possible to skip levels, but most people want to complete the levels and get 3 stars on each level. If you are looking for the golden eggs it is also vital you get 3 stars on all the levels. Hopefully this guide has been helpful and after you should have managed to get 3 stars on each of these levels. Look out for more handy level guides that will not only help you complete angry birds levels but also help you get 3 stars on each angry birds level.


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    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Yes. Same here. Explosions are much weaker on Chrome when comparing to the video.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      explosions are weaker in chrome. I've played the level over 200 times and can't get the results of that video. Sure I can kill 3 pigs in one shot, but there's so much metal debris left over that it makes getting three stars impossible.

    • profile image

      Ignacio Agulló 

      7 years ago

      3 stars on Level 3-15 is impossible to do on Chrome. White birds' eggs' explosions seem weaker so it doesn't suffice with only one.

    • MercyGrace profile image


      8 years ago from USA

      This is so funny. It drives me crazy when I have to keep going back to get more stars. Thanks for the help!


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