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Abis Omega Bakugan

Updated on January 4, 2014
Aquos Translucent Abis Omega 610G
Aquos Translucent Abis Omega 610G

Abis Omega is one of the first few core bakugan seen in new Vestroia, owned by Myleene Pharaoh who is a member of the Vexos. Its main attribute is Aquos. In ball form, it has a neck of about 2.5 inches long. The bakugan has 2 tails on the back of its body (This is not actually true when it is in monster form), and a long neck made up of only 2 joints. Its head has 2 eyes on each side, and has a working jaw and a fin on top. There are scales all over its design. They are usually a different color from the parts of the body. I own a pearl or BakuFrost 820G Abis Omega and a new BakuCrystal version of it with 760G. They are both green Ventus (or wind attributed) bakugan. My 820G Abis Omega is a counterfeit, though, that I got from a Chinese seller on ebay. The quality is very disappointing. I doubt that any official Abis Omega bakugan would have 820G printed. So if you see one with this G-power on ebay, do not get it!

If you are looking to buy a core bakugan, Abis Omega is one of my picks. It's been made in all kinds of colors and materials imaginable, and even it is being sold almost everywhere online, yet they don't come cheap, as I will have mentioned later. The reason is obvious: Abis Omega is really a special bakugan toy, collecting all sorts of styles today and make it a great gifts for this holiday!

Translucent Red Pyrus Abis Omega 720G
Translucent Red Pyrus Abis Omega 720G
BakuSteel Darkus Abis Omega 730G
BakuSteel Darkus Abis Omega 730G

Abis Omega is fairly easy to close, but might need a few tries before getting all the parts to securely fit in. When an Abis Omega appears in translucent, they are quite clear and are in much higher quality than many other same season bakugan. It has an open/close jaw and a fin like projection on its head. The long neck makes this bakugan easy to fall when standing outside a gate card. I think it is worth getting valuable ones such as translucent and pearl. It is a very common bakugan because it came out very early and can be seen for sale almost everywhere online. If you see one in store for above $6, I wouldn’t recommend purchasing it unless you  prefer the cards to go with it. You can easily buy them for much lower prices that can be as low as 99 cents on eBay if you are lucky.

Gray Haos Smoke Abis Omega 750G
Gray Haos Smoke Abis Omega 750G

Abis Omega was seen on episode 4 when Myleene battled Elfin. Abis Omega used simple abilities such as “dry world” which stopped Elfin from activating abilities in her Aquos form. However, Elfin was able to beat Abis Oega by changing her attribute to Ventus, which allowed Elfin to activate abilities. In the end, Elfin used an offense ability. Even though Abis Omega lost, he is still a powerful fighter. I think an Abis Omega with at least 650G’s would be worth collecting. In actual form, Abis Omega is supposed to be 350G’s, but in life he can be well over 500G in stores. Currently, the only ability I know that belongs to Abis Omega is Dry World, but there should be more.

Abis Omega is made available in all attributes and almost every series, including BakuPearl, BakuFrost, BakuNeon, BakuSteel, BakuClear, may be even other types. It is not available in BakuSawp and BakuBronze, though, sure not in BakuGlow either. The clear ones are all made with silver skin patterns and various eye colors like green, blue, yellow, possibly red too. Personally clear Abis Omega is my favorite since the overall color makes this bakugan looks so much cool and hard to resist. Others like smoky and BakuSteel ones are also worth to collect. By the way, the smoky series has also been called damaged. So if you see an Abis Omega listed as "damaged", you know it is not really damaged.

Since this bakugan is available in so many different colors and series, no doubt it has equally a lot of G-power values. The official G-power for the bakugan are: 450G, 470G, 530G, 540v, 550G, 560G, 580G, 610G, 670GG, 680, 720G, 730G, 750G. In general, the lower G's were released earlier, especially those under 500G's. There are some unofficial G's that are at or above 800G's sold by couple of Chinese sellers on ebay, those are all man-made. I personally do not think it is worth to pay a whole lot more just for the fake numbers, since the numbers can be changed by hands easily, if you know how to do it!

Clear Frost Abis Omega 750G
Clear Frost Abis Omega 750G
Green Ventus Abis Omega 610G
Green Ventus Abis Omega 610G


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