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Bakugan Elfin, Dual Elfin & All Elfin Bakugan Toy

Updated on January 5, 2014

Minx Elfin

Aquos Minx Elfin
Aquos Minx Elfin

Bakugan Elfin: A Female Bakugan

Elfin is a very unusual female New Vestroia bakugan. In the show, she acts very strangely, and has a frog as a hat. The body of Elfin is very much like a human, and has the face of a human as well. She looks like a cross between humans, elves, and frogs. Many describe Elfin as hysterical, and being too “girly” to be a bakugan, but her fighting skills and personality are fine. Elfin was released as an attribute changing bakugan, so she randomly chooses an attribute when the bakugan is played. She does somehow resemble Preyas in battle.

Pyrus  Dual Elfin
Pyrus Dual Elfin

The actual toy has nice parts: Two fins/wings, a flat head (you can actually see the frog), and feet. The chest holds a small wheel with attributes printed on them. The gear inside loads when the bakugan is closed, and spins when opened. Often, the attribute must be chosen between two that seem evenly distributed, so sometimes it is annoying. In conclusion, Elfin is a good bakugan to have, but doesn’t look really powerful.

Dual Elfin

Dual Elfin is not a shown evolution of Elfin, but it looks much different. The shape of the bakugan is not very special. It has no feet or pop-outs and the only parts to it are three tails. The face and inner areas are shown after the tails are flipped back. The bakugan usually comes in blue, but is also found in red, translucent blue, white, brown, and some others. It is not as powerful as Elfin, but adds a significant amount of G-power. It was never seen in the show.

Dual Elfin Revolution: An Element & G-Power Changing Bakugan

Dual Elfin Revolution is a copy of Dual Elfin, but is much more special. It is a both element and G power changing bakugan. The sides each have a wheel with attributes/G-power numbers printed on them, and spin when opened so random attribute and G power will be determined. However, this doesn’t really qualify it as powerful, because it may become weak. I like the bakugan however, because it is the only bakugan that has both changing abilities. They come in a few colors including blue, green, red, generally the colors obtained by the original Dual Elfin. It is currently hard to find either online or local stores. I've only seen one Aquos Dual Elfin Revolution on ebay ever sold by a Chinese seller for just $3, that seemed to be the only one ever listed. Amazon has few listings right now. So I'm not quite sure if Dual Elfin Revolution has actually been officially released or not.

Evolved Elfin: Minx Elfin

Black Darkus Minx Elfin
Black Darkus Minx Elfin
Green Ventus Minx Elfin
Green Ventus Minx Elfin
Red Pyrus Minx Elfin
Red Pyrus Minx Elfin

Minx Elfin: Evolution of Elfin

Minx Elfin is a special form of Elfin with more clear details. When I saw the bakugan, it looked a lot like the actual form of the bakugan. She is the evolution of Elfin. The ball opened has a multi-joint wing pattern (or twisted hair) and a very realistic looking head on the base. There are also two small arms sticking out. The front it covered mostly of a thick plate shaped like a heart. Basically, the look was very complex, and the G-power is often over 500G's. She was seen in the show for a short period of time, evolving in episode 27, and was never seen again since episode 52 of the New Vestroia. However, there is proof that a new evolution of Elfin named Zapix Elfin may appear in Gundalian Invaders. On a gate card, according to Bakugan Wiki, there is a bakugan printed on it that goes by the name Zapix Elfin. It is not released, and never shown anywhere, but it looks basically like Elfin with many glowing strings coming out. In episode 35, Elfin battled Shadow and Hydron, and was unsuccessful for a while, until Preyas came. Over time, Elfin used her attribute changing powers to defeat them. She also appeared for short periods in episode 45, 51, and 52. Minx Elfin was released in Japan in Aquos, Darkus, Pyrus and Ventus.The Aquos version has 500G's.

Gray Haos Mutant Elfin
Gray Haos Mutant Elfin

Mutant Elfin

Mutant Elfin is the rarest Elfin of all. It has all the features of a humanoid, such as the face. The face is particular, with many features and two drawn out eyes for detailing. There are small wings on the side, and the bakugan holds up two small hands. The base has two smaller wings similar to Neo Dragonoid's, and feet. Also, in order to change attribute, the top part spins when opened, and points with a small tip to an attribute printed on the base. All attributes are evenly distributed, and each has a 1/6 chance of getting chosen. It is the most special type of element change bakugan. It will be released in Bakugan Mechtanium Surge.

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