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Aion: Top Tricks To Increase Your Character's Money Through The Trade Broker

Updated on August 25, 2013
The trade brokers in Verteron, Elyos side.
The trade brokers in Verteron, Elyos side.


Aion is a MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game), very popular ever since its release, but particularly even more since it turned to freemium; now no subscription is needed and the game can be played for free, forever. Aion, with its hundreds of thousands of active accounts is probably the best choice of online game at the moment, balancing in a tremendous way PVP and PVE with awesome quality graphics and gameplay.
Supposing you already have an account, you have probably found out that money (or kinah, as the in game currency is called) is an important aspect of the game; kinah will buy you equipment, armors and weapons, consumables and generally aid you significantly in your game.
In order to achieve a high financial status in the game, you will have to take the most out of Aion's auction house (called Trade Broker) where sales of non-soulbound items and materials occur. You can find some really good advice here.

A trade broker window showing a search for consumables.
A trade broker window showing a search for consumables.

Trade Broker: Tips And Tricks

We will go through some initial tips which can be followed:

1. Keep an eye on what is selling at any time at broker for a couple of days. Notice the typical prices and prices changes at regular time intervals, maybe even take some notes on your findings. Soon you will know what a standard price for materials and items is and how the price fluctuates at specific times of day and week. Take for example a typical food, the aether perer jelly. This is a very popular item bought very often around the time when the server has many players online and especially when sieges wars occur. If you can produce aether perer jelly through the cooking craft, you would want to sell it when its price is high and the actual product is in high demand.

2. Some crafts can make you sell well at broker. While most players choose armormaking or weaponmaking, these two crafts are not ideal for broker sales, because the items will mostly sell after a substantial initial investment. On the other hand, alchemy and cooking will sell fast and at quite large amount of money. Do not forget to sell foods and potions in large amounts when events or sieges occur.

3. If you need to make some kinah (who doesn't?) you need to perform some essencetapping and aethertapping. Yes, it is boring, yes it will take some time, but it is the most effective way of making money. You just need to keep in mind and prioritize what you are gathering and when. Take adamantium ore for example. It typically sells well because it is widely used in crafting of equipment. However, you need to plan your sales well; if you are selling a relatively large bunch of adamantium ore, i.e. 100 pieces, sell them for a lower amount per piece. If you sell them in bunches of 20 pieces, they can be sold higher. Do not add too large or too small bunches of your gathered materials, and mind the price you are selling per piece.

4. Keep your eyes open for offers or other players' mistakes; everyone makes mistakes, so it is really frequent that while you are checking broker sales you will come across materials which are sold insanely cheap. Do not miss to buy any item you see at severely lower price than other players sell it for. You can always buy it, then resell it at a more "normal" price, thus making some good, easy profit.

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More Tips

5. This is a piece of advice which works well always, but might cause annoyance in other players (do not worry however, they will not be sure it is you who is doing it). You probably know by now that gatherables come in different qualities. For example aether comes in its simple form, Greater aether, Pure aether and Brilliant aether. Brilliant can be converted to 3 Pure, pure can be converted into 3 Greater and so on. The strategy you will need to follow to make some good profit is buy higher quality materials, then convert into lower quality and resell. Since a brilliant aether consists of 27 simple aethers, you can make some mathematic calculations and see if the deal will be profitable; most often it will be. Be cautious however, because some greater and pure ores will typically sell often, while their simple equivalents will be flooding the market. This delay of sales (supposing you have converted all higher into normal ores) can prove disastrous in your effort to make a good profit fast.

6. More characters means more warehouse and inventory space and more broker slots. So go on and create more than one characters which you will use solely for selling purposes; you can even assign "roles" to each character. For example, make a level 20 gladiator which will sell only foods and potions, a lvl 20 templar who will sell aethers in different bunches amounts, and so on. You can always transfer items between the characters fast through the account warehouse.

The Result

Following these tricks should start making you some serious profit quite fast. Note however that in order to use some of the techniques you might need to have some initial deposit of money (for example, if you are to buy large bunches of materials in order to resell them at better prices).
Additionally, you have to be prepared to do much gathering and spend much of your online time in doing so; essencetapping and aethertapping is pur eprofit for you, because all you gather you can sell (even the low levels gatherables sell since they are used in crafts).

I think by now you know most of what is needed to start making money through the trade broker fast.


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    • SimilarSam profile image

      Sam 2 years ago from Australia

      Used to play Aion quite heavily but just grew out of it over time, great guide though!