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Aion Kinah Guide: How To Make More Money Through Essencetapping

Updated on June 14, 2013

Aion - The Importance Of Kinah

Aion is one of the most popular Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG in short), with hundreds of thousands of players logging in every day and competing for ultimate victory against the enemy faction. Published by NCSoft in November of 2008, the game is constantly upgraded to deliver the utmost gaming experience to players all around the world.

Like in every other RPG or online RPG, the player's financial status plays a significant role in the path towards success and victory; more money means better armors and weapons, stronger or virtually unlimited supply in consumables such as potions, scrolls, foods and shards and in general a higher position for the player, not only in end-game situations but during leveling, too.

In Aion, money is called Kinah and is acquired through various ways. I have mentioned all possible kinah generating methods in my Ultimate Kinah Guide.

In this article, I will focus on essencetapping as a way to earn your character more kinah.

A character performing essencetapping on a plant.
A character performing essencetapping on a plant. | Source

What Is Essencetapping?

For those not familiar with the game (yet), essencetapping is a gradually leveled passive skill all characters got which allows them to "gather" or "collect" various materials from the ground. As your character walks around in the first regions, you will already start noticing some of them. Hovering over the material (which could be a plant, a flower, an ore, a fiber, etc) you will either see a pale gray icon which shows you can gather the material or a red icon which shows you are not yet fully leveled to collect it. Essencetapping skill gets higher the more items you gather and is measured in "p". You cannot gather a material which needs higher p than what you currently have (there is also a character level limitation but it will not concern you till later in the game). You keep increasing your p through gathering materials, unless you gather something whose requirement is 40 or more less than your current p. If you keep gathering items in this category, you will still get them in your inventory but the process will not be leveling your essencetapping.

As it is obvious, one should be progressing from collecting low-p items to higher-p items, in accordance to his essencetapping level. This might seem a bit nuisance, but in this article I will show you how essencetapping can earn you much kinah and thus become a crucial part of your gaming experience.

Umblia is a gatherable which looks like a plant. It is use din potionmaking.
Umblia is a gatherable which looks like a plant. It is use din potionmaking.

Generic Advice On Essencetapping

- Materials of low levels generally do not sell very high - however, some of them such as gems and ores still sell well enough to keep you busy while you are leveling up your essencetapping. Even in the starting points of the game, people would need potions to stay alive in the battlefield during their grinding times - the general merchant does sell some, but those crafted by other players have stronger and longer effect.
- If you plan to start leveling a craft, such as alchemy, cooking, etc, you could focus on the materials which will be used in your craft. Try to take a note on where the items you need are located and keep collecting until you have a large quantity for a large bunch of crafting - this way, you not only level your essencetapping p, but your craft p respectively. A crafter who gathers most of his ingredients himself is always in better financial status than those who buy everything they need from the broker. Keep that in mind before you sell items which, in the future, might prove useful to you.
- Keep all the materials you collect, even if they do not seem of use to you. There is no reason to sell them in shops, though - in broker, someone should be interested for the fruit of your gathering efforts. You would be surprised to see how many people just don't try the essencetapping way at all! They decide to buy all they need for quests or crafts, ignoring a seriously could kinah potential. Take advantage of this rather dumb behavior, by ging the other route; essencetap often and be the one from whom they will buy.

Linon fiber, an ingredient used in cloth armor making.
Linon fiber, an ingredient used in cloth armor making.

Choosing The Ideal Gatherables

Let's see which items are in need the most, so you could focus your essencetapping on those which will eventually sell high or get used by you in crafting:

- Potion materials, such as lumesia, umblia, tangena are typically bought in large quantity because potion making is performed in large batches by most players. Those willing to sell their production, will sell them in 50's or 100's, some even more. In order to produce so many potions, one would need a large amount of ingredients, which you should be able to provide. On the other hand, if you are an alchemist, you can use your own gatherables in your crafting. This means you will pay almost nothing for ingredients and the profit will be larger.

These gatherables come in two qualities - they are either normal, plain ( for example Umblia) or will have higher quality and will have a Fresh prefix (Fresh Umblia). You have less chances to gather Fresh, but you will be getting some; you should know that one Fresh can turn into 3 plain if you double click on it. Depending on the current prices at broker, you could decide to either sell the Fresh as-is or convert them to plain and sell them afterwards. Furthermore, if the broker is stuffed with plain but there are no fresh, it is your chance to fill in the gap and supply them with high price.

- Fibers such as linon, fess and hoca. Widely used in making of cloth armors, these materials are usually sold high and are in short supply. Even fess fiber, at a relatively low essencetapping p, is sold high in broker because some excellent armors can be made with it. Similarly to potion materials, fibers come in two qualities, one is the plain one and the second is Bundle. Bundle can be converted to 3 plain, as explained before. Same rules apply to selling plain or bundle - watch the broker prices!

- Gems and jewels such as Gold, Diamond, Sapphire: all of them are used in making of jewelry, among others. Gathering such material is kind of different compared to gathering others - a gem can be gathered only once and then it's gone until it respawns. This effectively increases rarity of such gatherables, and with rarity comes high price and profit. Additionally, gems come in 4 qualities (plain, greater, pure and brilliant). Each quality can be converted to 3 items of the directly lower quality. Brilliant are very rare, but when gathered can sell for really good money!

There is a catch with gems, though. They tend to spawn far from each other and in generally "hostile" environment. This means that you might find yourself attacked from the enemy faction or from aggressive mobs nearby. Both these characteristics tend to make essencetapping of gems not worthy if the prices at broker are not high. Just keep in mind that you are only gathering 1 piece (even if it could be of any of the 4 qualities) and have to walk far between spawns with risk of being attacked - maybe your time would be better invested if you gather something else? You will be able to decide only if you keep an eye on broker prices.

- Ores: this is my personal favorite. Titanium, adamantium, orichalcum, all these ores (and the rest of course) are used massively by armor and weapon makers. Just as an example so you realize how much ores sell in broker, a typical armor will need more than 600 ores. And that's only one piece of armor, only one armor maker. Ores come in 4 qualities, same as most gems, but are generally more easily accessed and exist in large amounts of spawns throughout the region, thus eliminating the need for much walking between them. Worth mentioning too is that most ores can be obtained form spawns in regions with no enemy faction access, so risk is less too. A player could obtain a serious amount of ores for only few hours of gaming. The assortment of 4 different qualities can be sold in broker, all at its respective prices, thus generating a really good profit in cash for the player.

If you are a weapon or armor crafter, then it is another reason why you should invest some time on collecting the ores. Why buy when you can collect them yourself?

A gem gatherable, and in particular a diamond. They are rare to find and only give one piece, but they sell high in broker.
A gem gatherable, and in particular a diamond. They are rare to find and only give one piece, but they sell high in broker.
A picture showing the map of Eltnen, Elysea. The blue dots indicate the spots where adamantium spawns exist. The spots are near to each other, allowing many gathers in less time.
A picture showing the map of Eltnen, Elysea. The blue dots indicate the spots where adamantium spawns exist. The spots are near to each other, allowing many gathers in less time.

Advanced Drops

Last but not least - if you are a talented essencetapper, investing much time on gathering for profit, you will eventually come across some serious loot. You see, most gatherables have a tiny yet existing possibility of producing not the material itself but weapons. Take for example hintera, a plant which spawns in Inggison, Elysea; this gatherable has a low possibility of giving you Sniron's Superior Snack, a level 50 gold dagger which is rare and could be sold high or used by your character.


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