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Airmech Flying Saucer Strategies

Updated on September 7, 2012

Saucer Over Powered? How?

The saucer is a very special airmech. It allows you to do massive damage to the enemy. It is not attrition. It is better, you capture enemy units. If they send a tank with no anti air, they lose the tank and you gain a tank. That is a 2 tank difference. This can make or break a game. You need to be very careful with the Saucer, it dies quickly and people are scared of you as if you get a hold of a tank every few minutes it can kill you quick. You have speed to make up for it but your armor is low. The ground mode is average. I mean it can kill things but you really want to capture units instead of destroy. Computers auto target artillery and saucers for that reason. Just watch out.

It is one of the airmechs with the most custom skins. There was a time when everyone had the chrome disc as it was the cheapest and has been the only custom skin airmech available without paying real money.

How To Best Use The Saucer To Win

There are a few strategies that make the saucer effective. Mainly the fact that by capturing a single unit you can cost you enemy two of those units, as one is fighting on your side, plus the one they lost.

A strategy I have found effective is sneaking into the back of the enemy base and stealing units, money makers are a good choice if you do not need the experience at that point. Snag the unit and sneak off and sell it. Be sure not to hit the base with any shots and don't drop any units. I can usually sneak in and nab two or three units before they notice which costs them about 7,000 or 8,000 credits and I gain that much as refunded units give full price back. Hopefully that never changes!

Another strategy is to steal their creeps. It only takes a second to steal creeps and if you upgrade capture speed it is really fast. As you capture them send them towards an enemy outpost on their side. This means they have lost creeps which auto capture outposts and they now have to stop you then produce infantry to capture back the outpost. By this point your creeps have pushed a little farther and your allies, if you have them, have raised some hell. As they will be completely distracted by you.

I have one more strategy to go over with you before I let you go play. The dreaded tank line. How do you stop a tank line in airmech? It is a question that has been asked by many. With the saucer you can capture the leading tank and tell it to hold position, then go and capture about the 4th one back and do the same. You should be able to get four or five in the time it takes the tank line to get to you. That is five less thanks and those five will kill two or three. This is enough that with a decent defense you can hold it off. We all know how easy it is to win after stopping a tank line! They have nothing and you gained four levels!

Thanks for reading with me and I look forward to your comments and feedback! Thanks


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